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Force to the optimal technology parameters of lithium battery forklift

by:Vglory      2020-08-25
Supporting force to optimal lithium battery forklift model according to the iron box size, forklift specifications, different technical standard single size is different, at present can be divided into two series, DIN, BS, brand forklift battery as a power to the secondary market providers, complete technical parameters, force to optimal the whole forklift lithium battery standard design drawings, the iron box size like original force to the optimal size of lithium batteries, brand forklift lithium batteries can be supporting force to 1 ton, 1. 5 tons and 1. 8 tons, 2 tons and 2. 5 tons, 3 tons deadweight NICHIYU forklift, reasonable price, quick delivery, the importance of forklift batteries for forklift truck is self-evident. So for the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries is particularly important. In the number of batteries more lithium battery forklift, and large load current and output work under low temperature of forklift battery pack, need to be more strict tolerance control battery. In a new forklift battery to the battery if slightly small mismatch, after several charging cycle, will be able to balance to adapt to each other. The battery can be a good balance between adaptation, related to whether the forklift battery has a longer service life. Brand forklift before to a superior force forklift users best lithium-ion batteries will implement three charge and discharge to ensure that the lithium battery pack NICHIYU force optimal equilibrium consistency. From the beginning of the birth of forklift is widely used in large and medium-sized materials handling. But as the traditional manufacturing operation to advanced production, from homework into outdoor, indoor production come into the large workshop workshop floors within a building. Especially some food workshop, low temperature cold storage, pharmaceutical companies, microelectronics processing, precision instrument manufacturing company of the forklift truck has chosen to update, higher requirement: no emissions zero pollution, on the floor, bearing a small volume, convenient in and out of the elevator, flexible, can travel freely in space narrow places and so on, the following is a force to the optimal forklift lithium batteries commonly used type table: a force to the optimal combination of electric lift trucks in the lithium battery structure/size and performance are in accordance with DIN/EN60254 - 2 and IEC254 - 2”L”系列标准b/成熟的管式正极板技术,极板排管全部采用进口的无纺布排管c/采用带有多微孔的隔膜,辅助电池内部电解液的流动d/壳盖采用热封技术,确保电解液不泄漏NICHIYU电瓶的端子和连接条e/正、负极柱采用大铜芯外浇铸铅合金,确保电池大电流放电性能f/连接条采用铜芯的软连接条,避免震动带来的连接松动,同时也方便取出电池g/连接条盖子预留测试电池电压的小孔NICHIYU叉车电池上的安全阀和盖h/采用带防止电解液涌动挡板的安全阀,方便用户加水及测量电解液比重i/电池盖预留孔位,可以随时安装电解液搅动系统或放置温度传感器力至优电池的自动加水系统j/加水系统是从电池系统的中心点完成所有电池单体的加水k/可以自动保持电池单体最佳的液面l/允许充电过程中气体的逸出和测量电解液比重叉车锂电池的电解液搅动系统n/避免高压充电带给正极板的蠕变,从根本上确保电池寿命m/杜绝充电过程中的电解液和温度的分层o/优化电池正负极板充电的接受程度p/减少35%的充电时间,节能20%以上q/降低水耗70%,减少泥状物生成t/减少充电过程中的温升,使得电池在高温环境下可以运用v/明显减少充电时间,提高电池利用率x/延长电池保养间隔期,降低保养费用,提高电池使用寿命
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