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Battery forklift advantages and disadvantages

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Lithium battery forklift most use lead-acid battery as the power, the lithium battery forklift follow-up more troublesome, service life is not consistent, but the price is low, within the scope of the mass consumption, general enterprises are affordable, battery forklift use dc (more DC) Series motor, its mechanical properties of low speed high torque required to be able to meet the forklift work requirements. As the communication ( AC) After the completion of the development of technology, as well as the controller of form a complete set, the use of ac motor, ac motor, relative to the dc motor is more convenient in operation and maintenance, the disadvantage is that the cost is relatively high dc confidential. In addition to this, other advantages are: battery forklift manipulation is simple, easy maintenance, running smoothly with no noise, no exhaust gas, don't pollute the air, lower operating costs, the use fixed number of year of the vehicle is longer than the other. Defect is: need charging and charging equipment, charging time is longer, the pavement demand is high, as a result of the limitation of the lithium battery capacity, the motor power is small, low grade ability, run the internal-combustion forklift slowly and basic investment is high, the weight is small, in short, the battery or lithium battery forklift forklift replacement is the most expensive, maintenance is the main factor to determine the use cost. News from shenzhen:
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