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The material of electric vehicle battery power

by:Vglory      2020-09-19
As the electric car battery technology increasingly update, lead acid as medium has always been the same before, now state for energy development subsidies, encourage innovation, introduced to replace lead-acid as electric vehicle battery power source, lithium battery energy volume ratio, or lighter than energy, lithium batteries are more than three times that of lead-acid batteries. Lithium battery smaller volume, lighter in weight. Long cycle life. Cycle life of lithium battery is in commonly 800 times or more, using lithium iron phosphate cathode material of lithium battery can reach 2000 times or so, beyond the lead-acid battery 1. 5 ~ 5 times. This greatly reduces the lithium-ion batteries use cost, prolong the service life and improve the use convenience degree. With a wide range of charging effect. This is lithium battery has unique advantages. When necessary, can make the charging time control in 20 min ~ 1 h, charging efficiency above 84%. On the basis of further technological innovation, this feature will be better, but in our country, 80% of the electric vehicle battery market is dominated by lead acid material, to get promoted, in areas such as technology, price, service also need the support of a large number of manpower material resources. Or simply just get small fragments in the field of auto effect, in the position of industrial electric cannot get huge customer base.
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