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Lithium battery forklift maintenance and battery forklift troubleshooting

by:Vglory      2020-09-11
Forklift lithium battery is in use at a certain period of time, there will be a need to frequent problems such as water or electricity too fast, short use time, this time to consider whether the purchase year need to replace the whole battery monomer or maintenance, be in commonly 2 years of battery group, if broken within one to five, can consider to change the monomer, the need to accurately measure the dimensions of the battery, the longest high wide, avoid buying back the lithium battery forklift rugged, welding is not strong. Once more than 2 years, makes little sense to replace the monomer, as battery vulcanization, the change of monomer and old battery capacity, charge and discharge can not balance, to avoid the overall value increase, the suggested replacement for the whole group, battery forklift rely on lithium battery run, don't drive when may want to consider the factors of the vehicle itself, such as when the load free falling too fast, could be the oil pipe and connector B or multi-way valve valve hole slide valve rod sealing ring wear, internal leakage, lifting oil cylinder piston ring y-shaped sealing ring wear, internal leakage, battery forklift truck line fault and brake parts need to rule out, detail decides success or failure, in the maintenance, need to pay attention to the problem is more, can save more time to observe the circuit power change, electrical part of the reasons of failure cases were suddenly no retreat ascension without any reflection, forklift flushing a walk, speed can't adjust and so on, different fuel forklift operation, electric lift trucks in the experience of wear in the process of operation is the smallest. This is due to the fact that an electric motor working parts is less, need regular lubrication, to prevent wear and tear. This means that you will meet a need of electric forklift maintenance risk is low, because when you most need to break the machine. It is, however, still have to follow the maintenance and maintenance, in order to reduce the need of electric forklift maintenance, further shows that the overall maintenance, is a time consuming affair, good enough maintains, can avoid the late more forklift spare parts replacement. More news sources, please login:
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