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Fuel cells with forklift lead lithium battery structure analysis

by:Vglory      2020-09-04
Forklift, as industrial logistics equipment, and can save manpower cost a lot, but a major part of the forklift truck is given priority to with lithium battery, the battery technology upgrade, was born the material could replace forklift lead batteries, fuel cells, the cells is the fuel chemical energy into electrical energy device. But when fuel cells to generate electricity, the reaction material after continuous internal to the consumption of reaction, because its not repeatable usability, non-stop to continue the input of reactants. Fuel cells after the reaction stability, need to constantly provide fuel and chemical energy into electrical energy, continuous discharge properties, but cannot be used repeatedly charging. Hydrogen fuel cell is given priority to with hydrogen fuel, fuel, although there is no any pollution technology is relatively mature, the engine performance is superior to the existing internal combustion engine, but the cost is very high, the other in terms of increased travel time to further strengthen, and need to have a huge infrastructure, these technical work quite a long time it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, commercialization is difficult, forklift as lead lithium battery is the main material, put resistance is strong, the price is low, but in the process of manufacture, produce waste, waste, environmental pollution, believe in the near future, the fuel cell will replace forklift lead lithium battery, battery structure upgrade optimization. abstract
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