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Diagram of car battery inspection maintenance methods

by:Vglory      2020-09-22
1, clean the external battery & gt; Check the battery and the fixed condition of polar column wire clamp & gt; Check the battery case should be no crack and damage phenomenon & gt; Battery external dust cloth piece rub-up, clear the dirt on the polar column pile head and oxides, wipe connecting external and chuck, clearing installation dirt on the shelf. 2, check the battery level with a diameter of 6 - 8 mm, 150 mm long glass tube, vertical insert to add liquid inside the mouth, until top plate, and then use the thumb pressure tube of the tongue, with the index and ring fingers glass pipe clamp, the height of the electrolyte in the glass tube is higher than that of battery electrolyte in plane plate height, should be 10 ~ 15 mm. 3, supplement the electrolytic liquid electrolyte level too low, should be timely supplement distilled water or the battery supplements that sells on the market, don't add tap water, river water or well water, lest cause themselves with impurities discharge fault; Also don't add electrolyte, otherwise, will make the electrolyte concentration increases, shorten the service life of the battery. Adjust the liquid level after dealing with the battery charging 0. More than 5 hours, in order to make distilled water added to the original electrolyte mixed evenly. 4, check the electrolyte density & gt; Measure the battery electrolyte proportion & gt; Electrolyte proportion of fixed weight value = actual electrolyte proportion + 0. 0007 * ( - actual electrolyte temperature 15) > Judging from the proportion of the electrolyte battery discharge situation & gt; According to the temperature tuning weight 5, check the load on the battery voltage & gt; Measure the load on the battery voltage & gt; Technology state of the judgment of the general technology battery in good condition, with high rate discharge meter examination, the single cell voltage should be stable in 1. 6 v above or in the green area; If less than 1. 6 v, still can maintain stable in 5 seconds, general for excessive discharge; If no voltage display, or voltmeter pointer soon after zero, has said the single battery or the battery has a short circuit, open circuit or other malfunction. 6, check the battery using the method of charging technology conditions & gt; Normal & gt; Sulphur status & gt; Active material loss & gt; Self discharge, to supplement the use of battery charging & gt; The charging process & gt; Charge the basic requirement of maintenance free storage battery because of its under normal charging voltage, electrolyte to produce only small amounts of gases, plate has a strong ability to resist charging, and has a small internal resistance, cold starting performance is good, than conventional battery service life is long, etc, during the whole period generally do not need to add distilled water, using in the car battery is normally, supplementary charge does not need to be removed from the car. But when in the maintenance of response to the proportion of the electrolyte. Most free maintenance battery hydrometer is equipped with a hole in the cover form, it will change its color according to the variation of the proportion of the electrolyte. Of fukang car battery hydrometer green, that sufficient battery power; Present 'dark zone' that battery needs to be recharged; Zone 'bright', explain the electrolyte is too low, need to replace the battery has scrap. 7, check the lights, the condition of signal and the wire harness 8, check the lights, signal and the wire harness & gt; Check and adjust the lighting and signal display device; > Check and tighten all the car line; > Check the whole vehicle junctions, clean, tidy and reliable connection; > Check all the car line insulation layer; > Check the whole vehicle wiring harness is fixed. Clamp should be complete, the fixation is reliable, no loose phenomenon. 。 9, check alarm signal check the alarm signal, sensor and the attachment should be in good condition, found damaged or display abnormal shall promptly repair, in order to ensure driving safety.
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