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Battery forklift battery capacity decline in how to judge?

by:Vglory      2020-09-13
Battery forklift battery capacity decides its use of time, when they arrive in a certain period of time, the fork of the load, walking speed are falling, how do we know? Judging by what method? Can use capacity tests, five hours discharge rate, capacity of less than 80% and quality of active matter has insufficient. Dissection after check the plate on the active material loss is: pooling a large number of sediment at the bottom of the lithium-ion batteries, plate surface plate gate rod, plate group on both sides of the flocculant have plenty of lead content, electrolyte turbidity, a metal gray color. Precipitation in colour beige, iron, copper stuff more; Sediment in shallow blue or gray, that lithium battery electrolyte in high density. Precipitation is paste that lithium battery in high temperature; Precipitation is a block, then make congenitally deficient factors. Battery forklift battery capacity decline, one way to know, is at the time of charging, monomer reach consistency, individual electrolyte battery monomer color black, settling at the bottom of the matter will come up and lead to the color of the lid edge black, open the lid can see a lot of powder. Pay more attention to forklift battery:
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