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Best Lithium solar battery 24v 150ah lifepo4 deep cycle battery

Best Lithium solar battery 24v 150ah lifepo4 deep cycle battery

Model: BLP24V150Ah

MOQ: 5pcs 

Payment: T/T , Western Union , Paypal

Delivery time: 10days ~ 15days 

Start Port: Shenzhen 

Certification: CE , ROHS , MSDS , UN38.3 

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24v 150ah lithium battery China factory wholesale lithium battery

Technical Data

Rated Voltage


Rated Capacity



Li-ion battery cell 3.7V




521*238*218mmor custom

Working Temperature


-20°C ~ 45°C , 65±20%RH;


-20°C ~65°C , 65±20%RH

Storage Temperature

Less than 1 month

-20°C ~ 45°C ,  45-75% R.H.

less than 3 months

-20°C ~ 35°C, 45-75% R.H.

Standard Discharge

Constant Current 0.2C/End Voltage 2.5V cell

Cycle Life

>2000 times (80% of initial capacity at 0.2C rate)

Retention of charge(store in one month)

above 95%

Charge & Discharge

Way of charge

CC/CV(Constant Current / Constant Voltage)

Standard Charge Current

≤ 20A~30A or custom

Over Charge cut-off voltage


Continuous Discharge Current

≤ 50A or custom

Dischargecut-off voltage

2.65 ±0.025V/Cell(optional)

Protection Function

Over-Current Protection,Over-Discharge Protection, Over-Charge Protection,Short-Circuit Protection, Teperature, Balance

Product Description

Vglory battery manufacturer offers high level safety battery through assembled with high quality A grade cell .
Which designed as the drop-in replacement for the similar capacity of lead-acid batteries, the charging system can be kept the same and no additional accessories are required to perform the replacement. 
It offering 5times of the run-time but only half of the weight. Moreover, it with non-toxic and non-polluting, Eco-friendly, good thermal stability, and longer run-time features. 
Vglory lithium battery is more safety and reliable than the lead acid one . Compacted size and super light weight. The Stable BMS system with short-circuit protection , over-charge protection , over-discharge protection and over-current protection functions. 


Product Characteristics

Place of Origin

 Guangdong, China

Brand Name

 Vglory or OEM

Model Number




Battery type

 solar power battery

Product name

 best battery for solar system


 Li-Ion cell


 2 Year

Charge Current


Discharge Current


Charge Cut-off Voltage


Discharge Cut-off Voltage


Product Details

We have professional cell engineer and mechanical engineer who can design the ideal battery pack according our customer’s

mechanical and electric requirement balanced with suitable cost structure


Our Lithium Battery Features

Battery cells capacity sorting

Automatic cell grading sorting ensure the precision of cell balance as ensure the best capacity and quality of battery pack

Battery cells IR & multi testing

Undertaking internal resistance testing ensure the best consistency of best quality battery pack , as ensure best power performance and prolong lifespan of battery pack

Automatic Welding machine

Which can avoid insufficient welding as ensure the high quality battery pack assembling . which can improve production efficiency mostly

Comprehensive Testing

Using automatic test equipment , comprehensive test of large batteries , cycles , IR, consistency , accurate data , perfect curve , ensure 100% qualified

Automatic sticker machine

The processing of assembly the barcode of batteries can record the capacity , voltage , power , production time , and production batch for easier trace in the future

Package design

Our professional engineer will design the strong package for lithium battery which ensure the safety transportation of lithium battery , which would avoid severe vibrating, impacting , extrusion , and direct light and rain

Component Advantage

High quality Standard of Vglory Battery

Our good quality Lithium battery Features

1. Environment-friendly: Clean and Green energy ,Pollution-free ;
2: Compacted and light weight: only 1/3 of lead acid battery ;
3: Wide temperature range: Excellent widely temperature range performance ;
4: Minimal self-discharge rate , less than 3% monthly.
5: Low internal resistance
6: Low self-discharge rate , only 3% monthly 
7: Wide temperature range: with Good performance at high temperature and high temperature resistance ;
8: High energy density: per volume density is more high than lead acid battery .
9:  Long life-cycles: Long life-cycles : can be circularly used , more 2000 times recycles , 8 times of Lead-acid battery. 
10: Custom acceptable: voltage , capacity , shape , size , case etc ; 
11: No memory effect: always stand by ready for charge and discharge , with no need to charge after a full discharge. 
12: Good Powerful Performance: high discharge rate and fast charging charateristic ; 
13: PCM & BMS Protection, stable BMS system protect battery pack all time !

Product Application

Energy Storage Systems: (solar energy power system , Solar LED light, Solar storage battery , energy storage system,

camping light , solar emergency light,  City Grid (On / Off) , Industrial , Community and Home



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