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Electric vehicle battery which connection way is better?

by:Vglory      2020-09-20
Brand electric vehicle battery monomer series is composed of multiple 2 v battery combination series, maintaining high energy ratio, brand electric vehicle battery full range of core technology in Germany, 99% pure copper conductive series soft line, is not affected by environmental factors, the resistance ratio, stable output current, the current matching America linde, eternal force electric bike, hayes special electric car makers, adopts are soft connection method, the performance is stable, domestic electric vehicle battery many micro processing plants, the traditional welding lead connection, lead is produced as the change of time and air oxidation, the longer the time, the hardness of lead is higher, the greater the resistance value, shorten use time nature, and maintenance is not convenient, can be free replacement of soft connection, 'fool' connection, external appearance more beautiful. Brand electric vehicle battery with special gasket, acid proof, antiswelling seal design. Terminal, soft line adopts copper core, make the product minimum resistance, can maximum reduce the large current discharge calorific value, improve the charging efficiency. Structure features: convenient assembly, without any special tools, users can complete battery assembly, in use process have monomer battery damage, customers can free replacement. When the battery trembled impact, soft connections between with buffer action, effective protection of stability reliability. Brand series of electric vehicle battery change into soft connection and hard connection, the current domestic soft connection more is linde, hyster, eternal power battery electric car manufacturers in Europe and the United States, such as the advantages of soft connection is late monomers maintenance is convenient, with copper wire in series, can be unscrewed the screw on the terminal directly, but the disadvantages in the bumpy road to use, easy to loose between electric vehicle battery monomer, and very easy to climb acid, the connection between the terminals and the terminal oxidation speed, of course, this also depends on the user's own follow up case, hard welded connection is we often say, bridge connection is made of lead, the comparison method of the traditional, and application is more, appearance is not very good, but the practical value high, to the user, a monomer have quality problem, replacement very troublesome, need to use the lead, acetylene, oxygen welding, professional knowledge to be very strong. Either way, has his own strength is weakness. At present has soft connection and hard connection done in electric vehicle battery brand of fairly high quality only in Germany. Traction electric car battery to compare the due reason, because of its low cost, low maintenance cost, energy saving, and no noise in the process of vehicle use, our country is traction battery consumption power, mining, deep well rail cars, electric cars, yachts, AGV, electric bus, etc, can be extended to the domestic independent brand, is now doing better brand electric vehicle batteries, has imported Japan KOBE, hawk, HAWKER, hebeike HOPPECKE, such as brand, but because of tractor abroad than domestic battery battery double or even several times to your popularity, we must understand its hybrid structure from the points of traction battery is mainly composed of positive plate and negative plate, electrolyte, containers, column, diaphragm, an electrically conductive material. Different parts have their own production material, realize its function, sulfuric acid is one of the lead-acid battery electrolyte main raw material. Sulfuric acid is a transparent oily liquid, the sulfuric acid content is ninety-eight percent, strong water imbibition, corrupt sex is very strong. Combined with water after can release a large amount of heat, is in the electrolyte preparation process must be carefully protection, so as to avoid damage. Traction battery electrolyte preparation process, deal with the requirements of water is higher than force, how many of the impurities in the water directly affects the quality of the battery. Lead-acid batteries of the surface of the water is a colorless, residue content is less than one over ten thousand. This part of the need to pay attention to in use, don't at the time of electrolysis will water in concentrated sulfuric acid, but will be slow in concentrated sulfuric acid in the water, the traction electric vehicle battery application is more, the popularity of electric cars to drive other applications. Battery is worth your trust.
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