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The Best Renewable Energy 100 Watt Solar Panel From China Solar Panel Companies

The Best Renewable Energy 100 Watt Solar Panel From China Solar Panel Companies

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Place of Origin:
Guangdong, China
Brand Name:
Model Number:
Monocrystalline Silicon
Max. Power:
Number of Cells:
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
100000 Watt/Watts per Day

The Best Renewable Energy 100 Watt Solar Panel From China Solar Panel Companies 


Vglory High Efficiency solar panel range from 10W to 320W , With advanced materials and equipments ,  the modules are embedded high light transmission glass , anodized aluminum frame ,two sheets of long endurance EVA,USA High Efficiency back-contact solar cells and anti-humidity TPT .  which are designed 
and manufactured in superior quality ensuring excellent electrical performance for 25years . 
The long-lasting, highest efficiency back-contact monocrystalline solar cells will give you years and years of consistent, free solar power. Sealed waterproof frame design ensures the solar panel can be used in all weather conditions .
The Best Solar energy !  


The highest High Efficiency back-contact solar panel is the highest solar energy in the world and the smallest out of all solar panels with the same size . The high efficiency solar panel adopts the world's highest efficiency photovoltaic cell . which called Back-contact solar cells , this kind cell used in solar panel have unparalleled efficiency up to 23% and making the solar panel the most efficient in solar energy realm , so the module efficiency can be 25~30% higher than traditonal solar panels in the market , This innovative technique back-contact solar cells's positive pole and negative pole are on the same side means that the cell front side can absorb maximum lights when sunlight strucked on the module surface then constantly more solar electricity been created . 



•     100W High Efficiency solar panel Electrical Characteristics

Maximum Power(Pmax)


Power Tolerance


Open Circuit Voltage(Voc)


Short Circuit Current(Isc)


Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp)


Maximum Power Voltage(Imp)


Cell Efficiency


Max. System Voltage


Solar Cells

High Efficiency solar cell 125*125mm(5 inch)

Cells series


Bypass Diodes

3pcs 12A

Temperature Coefficients of Pmax


Temperature Coefficients of Voc


Temperature Coefficients of Isc


NOTC-Nominal Operating Cell Tepm.


STC Condition

1000W/m2, AM1.5, 25°C



  100W High Efficiency solar panel Mechanical Characteristics




Anodized Aluminum Alloy frame


Front: High transmission 3.2mmTempered glass; Rear: White PET; Encapsulated: EVA

Output cables

4.0mm 12AWG cable with weatherproof connectors. cable lengths: 900mm





1). High Conversion Efficiency Solar Panels’ Cells are laminated with TPT, EVA and encapsulated with Low-iron tempered glass ensuring longer life and maximum performance

2). Anti-aging EVA, high frame resistant TPT to laminate and stronger anodized aluminum alloy frame

3.Strong aluminum frame withstand heavier snow load and higher wind-pressure by passing mechanical load test 2400Pa ~5400Pa ,

4). Aesthetic appearance and rugged design to withstand high wind pressure, hail and snow load ;Advanced photovoltaic technologies is resistant to atmospheric exposure and effects of delaminating

5). High quality Junction box with Built-in diodes prevents reverse charging and keep excellent protection ;

6). Rigorous quality control meet the highest international standards Strict quality control and classification of modules

7). The exterior design and electrical performance of each every module are fully tested to guarantee superior quality .



1. Low voltage-temperature coefficient allows higher power output at high-temperature condition .

2. High efficient, high reliable solar cells ensure our product output stability.

3. Full products certified with certificate ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004

, CE , TUV, IEC/EN61215 IEC/EN61730

4. we offer 12 years product warranty ,25 years lifespan ,



1. On-grid commercial , utiity solar power systems.

2. Home solar lighting system  .

4. Off-grid solar power system.

5. Communications,pumping and irrigation .

6. Commercial and industrial building roof-top systems


Benefits from Vglory energy :

1). Excellent quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and on-time service

2). High efficiency, high safety, High stability ,high reliability

3). Optimized Packaging to protect product during loading and delivery .

4). Strong productive ability and quick delivery .

5). Enjoy our Excellent quality, competitive price, prompt delivery and on-time service



People more and more like using renewable Solar Energy ! 


Solar power is renewable. This is a huge leap from fossil fuels which have a limited amount . Solar energy is not as readily as accessible and requires more advanced technologies to derive the same amount of energy as other standard enegy sources would provided . Solar power is clean and pure green . Because the sun naturally shines on the earth and solar energy producers take many benefits of this , there are no harmful by-products from the development of this soalr energy like exhaust with coal and oil plants . Solar renewable energy is regards as a new rising start in realm of renewable energy sources , Solar energy now popular be used in home power supplying , garden lighting ,ourdoor lighting , industrial as well as comercial areas . People enjoy many of the same benefits by installed a solar panel system to generate solar electricity with the abundant solar sunlights .  while peoples enjoy These solar energy systems  by cutting electrical costs in the long run also reducing their carbon emissions impacts on our world and alleviate global warming problems . 




Vglory Group Energy CO., Ltd possess a genuine love for clients and a commitment to excellent customer service. It enjoys a wide range of applications such as defense, automotive, and aerospace industries. Vglory offers a fast delivery time to customers to ensure the business efficiency. It enjoys a wide range of applications such as defense, automotive, and aerospace industries.
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