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Electric vehicle battery waterproof knowledge

by:Vglory      2021-05-11
Everyone's electric vehicles are usually parked outdoors temporarily, so rainy days are inevitable. So will the battery of electric cars get water on rainy days? What should I do if the battery of electric cars gets water?    1. The battery is soaked in water to dry and then recharged. Electric cars generally take a lot of waterproof measures, so it doesn’t matter if the electric cars get wet by rain. Yes, but this does not mean that electric vehicles can 'walk' in the water at will. Here is a special reminder to all car owners, do not charge the battery of an electric car immediately after it is wetted by rain, and be sure to dry the car in a ventilated place before charging. 2. If the controller is soaked in water, it is easy to short circuit and run out of control. Will the battery of the electric car enter water? Once the controller of the battery car enters the water, it will cause the motor to reverse. After the electric car is seriously immersed, the owner can remove the controller to wipe off the accumulated water inside. Dry it with a hair dryer and then install it. Note that it is best to wrap the controller with plastic after installation to increase the waterproof ability. 3. Electric bicycles wading and riding, the resistance of the water is very large, and it is easy to cause loss of balance. Riding on the water section, in case of a manhole cover opened by the water flow, it is very dangerous, so when you encounter the water section , It’s best to get off the bus.   However, current batteries are getting better and better, and many of them have special waterproof and pressure relief components. In normal operation, these components can quickly ventilate; when the gas reaches a critical value, it instantly communicates with the outside, a large amount of gas is discharged, and the strong pressure inside the cavity is quickly released to avoid explosion or reduce explosion damage.   Although the quality of electric vehicle batteries is getting better and better now, it is inevitable that some manufacturers put inferior batteries on the market, so when you buy batteries, you can choose better quality batteries. Previous: How to charge and discharge to make the battery last longer?
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