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Available Custom shape 36v 8ah lithium battery 8.5ah

Available Custom shape 36v 8ah lithium battery 8.5ah

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Product description

Available Custom shape 36v 8ah lithium battery 8.5ah

36V 8.5Ah Lithium Battery 18650 10S2P Electric Scooter Hoverboard Battery Pack



wholesale High Capacity lithium ion battery 36v 8.5ah lithium battery Rechargeable for LED light , ebike , scooter , etc

Weight 2.58kg
Size custom
Working Temperature Charge -20°C ~ 45°C , 65±20%RH;
Discharge -20°C ~65°C , 65±20%RH
Storage Temperature Less than 1 month -20°C ~ 45°C
less than 3 months -20°C ~ 35°C
Retention of charge(store in one month) above 95%
2. Technical Data
Rated Voltage 36V
Rated Capacity 8.5Ah
Inner Resistance below 50 mΩ
Charge & Discharge Way of charge CC/CV(Constant Current / Constant Voltage)
Standard Charge Current 0.2c (Adjustable)
Max Charge Current 0.5c or customized
Continuous Discharge Current 0.5c (Adjustable)
Peak Discharge Current 3c or customized






Vglory battery manufacture offers high level safety battery through aseembled with high quality A grade cell .

Vglory wide range battery has been designed to replace lead-acid batteries , by offering a higher energy density Small in volume and light in weight, Low internal resistance.



With advantages such : the high reliability, lower cost ,long lifespan and no pollution operation ,which are good replacing lead-acid batteries in a wide range of applications, 



Automatic testing with advance equipments for performances of battery packs before delivery;
Each battery pack with unique series number and barcode for traceability;


Advantages of VG Lithium battery :

We can custom any lithium batteries


High level Safety

Extremely safe: no explosion, no fire under collision, over charge or short circuit .

Deep cycle

Adopt international
advanced technology, high product purity.

Long cycle life


   Long cycle life, chargeable

   up to 1000 ~2000 times

Intelligent charge system

 Each cell can be protected  against overcharge, overvoltage, short circuit and overheat etc .

High Standard Quality

High standard quality


Battery cell sorting Automatic welding

Using imported control IC intellent sorting machine , fileter the voltage, resistance by once computer calculation .


Aluminum holder

Secure keep your battery on the frame , protect the battery to avoid overcharge and over discharge ,short-circuit etc


Protection board

Our IC are grade A level , with the protection of over-current,over-charge,over-discharge,short circuit,over-voltage , etc .

Nicel strap & stand

We use the qualified nickel strap ,which ensure the safety and circle life of battery .

Wire and Plug :

We use the wire & plug meet the standard of Rohs , to ensure the discharge safety and circle life of battery .

Wide Range Applications

E-Mobility : e-bike, e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-motorcycle, e-tricycle/rickshaw, e-golf cart, e-forklift, e-tourist vehicle , cleanness car, tourist car(E-Tour Car),electric bus, electric wheelchairs, ETC .

Take Care of Lithium battery

How to take care of Lithium battery : 
1 . Do not throw battery into water ,keep it away from water, salt, acidic , etc.
2 . Do not throw the battery into fire or heat the battery;
3 . Do not reverse the polarity of the battery pack for any reason.
4 . Forbid to connect the positive and negative terminal directly.
5 . Forbid to hammer to trample the battery;
6 . Do not directly solder the battery and pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects

Company Information


Vglory battery company is professinal in producing , R&D and marketing in lithium battery field , professional engineer team with above 10years experiences ,

Widely in use for Electric bike,motorcycle,power tools ,energy storage and OEM service, all batteries are manucturing strictly according to ISO ,with advanced equipments and test machine. which garantee

                           the superior quality for our clients,

                       Welcome Contact us ...
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Due to its significant economic return, the product has a bright future in this field. This product offers significant advantages such as charge efficiency. With a remarkable economic return, the product is considered as the most promising product in the market. This product offers significant advantages such as charge efficiency.
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