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Electric cars lithium battery five development trends in the future

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
A two-thirds, lithium ion battery prices fall, a few years ago under the national new energy industry policy to promote, raised one across the country to manufacture of lithium-ion batteries. Lithium batteries battery pack assembly enterprises once get more than 400 ( Including the new energy automotive lithium-ion battery) One of batteries in electric vehicle enterprise 200 - once More than 300. However, vigorous hot behind the new energy production, the core material such as the anode material of diaphragm, electrolyte and aluminum-plastic film soft packing batteries used heavily dependent on imports, such as manufacturing of lithium batteries cost prices high, the same capacity of lithium battery, its price is three times more than lead-acid batteries, lead to market promotion. In the last three or four years, through the efforts of the domestic lithium battery materials enterprises, the current manufacturing lithium battery core technology has made significant breakthrough, lithium-ion batteries for electric cars, all core material basically has realized localization rate. At present, lithium battery charger included 48 v11ah ( Using 18650 cylindrical steel shell, each cell is 2200 ma, 65 batteries series parallel) Group, the price is less than 500 yuan, compared with lead-acid batteries, cost-effective advantage. This price is already a lithium battery just 1/3 of the market. Thus, lithium batteries gradually replace lead-acid battery is not empty talk. Second, by far the most expensive lithium-ion batteries graphene graphene known lithium-ion batteries in the world the most thin, the hardest nano materials, with low resistivity, the characteristics of electron transfer speed. Graphene battery, is the use of lithium ion in graphene quickly a large number of shuttle between the surface and the electrode movement developed according to the features of a new type of battery. In addition to high energy density, graphene battery charging speed much faster than lithium battery, can effectively solve the problem of long charging time. Its life is also very long, can achieve twice of lithium-ion batteries. Three, wireless charging technology a vast market compared with the traditional charging station, charging pile, wireless charging mainly has the following features: charging facilities arranged flexibly. Need to transform existing, roadside parking Spaces, parking lot can give electric vehicle charging, can even bury transmitting terminal in the under part of the road, when the electric vehicles can be realized in the road driving, while charging, the city won't take up too much space; It is more convenient to users. Without inserting type cable high-speed wireless charging can be realized, not only from the traditional charging pile connection required for parking and waiting time, and has been charging lane, but also extend from static to dynamic charging wireless charging, charging time greatly reduces the user's fixed position and improving the efficiency of the electric vehicle. The receiver plate on both sides of the equation championship FormulaE such as electric circuit can be in one electric car moment for its charge; Charging process is relatively safe. Wireless charging no spark and get an electric shock risk, no dust and contact loss, can adapt to various environment and bad weather. Four, battery management system ( BMS) As a source of energy for the whole balance car batteries, is the focus of security. For electric vehicles, such as battery explosion, natural conditions. With electric power systems become increasingly complex, BMS need to perform the function of the increase, the burden on the heavier than ever. A good smart BMS scheme can not only prolong the service life of the battery, but also is expected to extend the car USES the range of pure electric drive mode. Five, modular battery technology like blocks stacked modular battery system made up of cells tablet battery components that can be assembled into different sizes according to the demand of people and performance. Modular battery technology, or rather, flat battery components can according to need and have different battery capacity, voltage and size. The number of cells each tablet battery components and length can be different. Modular battery design may be able to create a new, interactive mode of the battery, the battery can be used in the car, both also can be used in home life, without the need to design and establish. Perhaps we are witnesses of an era, in this era, energy and a minor upgrade, and to provide power for our future large batteries, it is by the original pieces of escalating nondescript small batteries. Battery is the core of electric vehicle parts, directly determines the range of the most critical for electric vehicles. Heats up as new energy, investment in battery industry is becoming more and more big, in the next few years, battery technology will usher in rapid development, balanced car as electric vehicles' intelligent pioneer will benefit greatly.
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