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Electric car battery charged at the beginning of the first stage

by:Vglory      2020-09-17
Electric car battery charged at first related to closely, to avoid sulfide to accelerate in the future, in the first stage charge should set out to understand the following: 1, check, before charging the battery is intact, wiring is in good condition, and open the cover. Do not open or allocated on the battery liquid liquid injection plug, don't add fluid, before charging or charging Wu Yucai forbidden smoking, produced sparks or open flame near batteries, rechargeable batteries cannot discharge at the same time, the charging battery don't put metal tools, don't repair battery charging, charging the electrolyte temperature below 55 ℃. 2, so the new battery, will share with 1. 26 electrolytic surface is to 30 ℃ after injection of battery, injection rate for more than 10 - protection board 20 mm is completed, waiting for 6 hours, liquid temperature fell to below 35 ℃ before start charging. Referring to the electrolyte specific gravity are 30 ℃, different temperature should be reduced by the following formula: D30 ℃ = Dt + 0. 007 ( t- 30℃) 3, in the process of charging the electrolyte temperature should not be more than 55 ℃, otherwise should be taken to reduce the charging current, charging measures such as artificial cooling or suspended. 4, battery charging to saturation, voltage and electrolyte proportion in 2 - Basic does not rise within 3 hours, and a large number of air bubbles, electrolyte specific gravity of 1. 26, the single voltage up to 2. 4V。 5, when the single voltage dropped to 1. 7 v, voltage meter voltage v (41 Driving load) , the proportion of electrolytic dropped to 1. 18 should be recharged in a timely manner. 6, when the battery terminal, with distilled water or proportion of 1. 4 dilute sulphuric acid, adjusting the proportion of the electrolyte to 1. 26 and keep enough height. Beginning and end of the battery charging voltage electrolyte proportion record should be done. Records will help battery protection and security analysis. 7, battery don't close to fire and heat source. Recharged cover cover gas, wipe out splash the electrolyte, keep dry and cleaning on the joint, and coated with vaseline. Battery flush must be hung from the outside. 8, battery charging environment must be well ventilated. Especially the accessory around the charge must be forced ventilation. Ventilation between the battery must be good, the temperature is not higher than 40 ℃, can calculate the air circulation, avoid accumulation of the hydrogen - when the battery An explosion caused by oxygen mixed gas, can use the following formula: Q = 0. 我05年××N ( Q: air flow, I: charging charging current at the end of N: number of monomer battery) Air flow in between, should guarantee the charge is greater than the calculation formula of the air flow. Electric car belongs to a kind of lead-acid battery, battery for electric vehicle, tractor, truck, underground mine locomotive equipment such as dc power source, is widely used in airports, railway stations, ports, vegetables and fruit market and industrial and mining enterprises warehouse etc. Electric vehicle battery refers to battery electric vehicles dedicated to operations. That is the battery of electric vehicles built in the battery. And the battery is one of the battery, its role is to be able to keep the electricity co. , LTD. , used in the right place. Its working principle is to convert chemical energy into electricity. Traction electric vehicles at the beginning of the lead-acid battery charging bad if we charge it will affect the service life of the battery, battery to let stand 5 - after filled with electrolyte 10 hours, and then, at the beginning of charging time is 72 hours, should be charged during charging records, observe the reaction of the battery case, special attention should be paid to the battery charging environment temperature is not too high, if too high to take measures to cool. Charged battery to discharge after work, this link is indispensable, and then to charge more than 12 hours of time, the battery charging accomplished even if, at the beginning of the broad masses of customers on the battery must strictly abide by the principle, it is the key to prolong the service life of the battery. Besides fast charging, still have a kind of slow for charging, charging time is 10 - 15 hours, those deep battery charge have to slow it, otherwise the charging time is not enough, the charging amount is insufficient, will directly affect the drive performance of electric vehicle batteries. The article from HTTP:
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