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You might be wondering what kind of RC toy cars

by:Vglory      2020-06-11
The differences of the two types are more on the speed and the way to power them. Apparently, you will need chargeable batteries for electric RC cars. On the other hand, you need to have fuel for nitro cars. But when it comes to excitement and fun, both types can actually give you a good time. Aside from providing a thrilling experience, playing electric RC cars doesn't harm the environment because these cars are made of eco-friendly components. Compared to nitro cars that run on fuel, this electric type of toy cars is being powered by electricity. On top of that, these electric toy cars don't create noise. So for beginners, electric RC cars are actually the best ones to choose. But if you are looking for speed and loud rumbling noise, the Nitro RC car is a great choice. With a speed up to 75 mph and handling similar to a scale car, these vehicles are very exciting for the serious hobbyist. Nitro radio controlled vehicles get their name from the fuel the car uses. Nitro fuel is a combination of nitromethane, methanol and oil. The nitrogen component makes the fuel high performance as it is more completely burned than fuel with oxygen alone. Even with the higher performance, unspent fuel will coat the machine during use. Another down side is that this fuel is highly flammable and poisonous. Great care is important in cleaning up spills and cleaning the vehicle after use. Because of the nature of the fuel, it is important to operate Nitro RC cars outside in an open space. This is not a car for a child to operate on the sidewalk! These high performance vehicles require skill and extra care. The engines are two-stroke, utilizing a carburetor and throttle similar to a regular car. They require special starters such as a glow plug ignite system or starter pack. Also an air filter is required in this machine. Special tuning of the engine is required. Maintenance for these vehicles is similar to a full sized racing car. Frequent oil, fluid changes and replacement of tires, shocks and other parts will be necessary. The engine will need to be rebuilt frequently. All of these factors make Nitro RC cars a very expensive hobby for the skilled enthusiast. A newbie to the remote controlled world may want to start with electric RC cars, vehicles that have an electric motor before trying out nitro based machines. The vehicle upside is that they are simply fun to run. The noise of the engine is similar to a regular racing care. Although they initially require time to learn how to run and maneuver, they handle similar to a larger car. The advantage over an electric machine is that they run longer during a session and do not require a chassis breakdown to change out a spent battery. So if you are ready for the rumble and excitement, choose a nitro car but if you love the environment go for the electric RC cars.
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