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Workload is big, how do lithium battery forklift selection?

by:Vglory      2020-09-08
In the past few years, there are a few feedback forklift battery working time is not long, such as komatsu forklift, 1. 48 v450ah 5 tons as an example, the standard, if the goods fork 1. Below 5 tons, can be up to 5 - normal working Eight hours, but, if the number of vehicle standard tonnage forklift trucks than that caused by forklift battery output current will be on the high side, the battery life will be greatly reduced, as to exceed a fork tonnage, but according to the iron box, increase the battery capacity, to 495 ah, so use the time relatively longer, especially some fixed number of year long battery forklift, line resistance is bigger, also can increase the output current, are more likely to cause excessive discharge, even smoking, there are cases, must trouble overhaul, serious will scrap battery pack, if the workload is very big, it is recommended to use electric forklift tonnage is larger, the battery itself, forklift motor and benefits in many aspects. Reprint will investigate indicate the source
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