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Working principle of the floating lithium-ion batteries

by:Vglory      2020-08-28
Fixed type lead acid lithium battery as backup power supply main works is floating, floating, when the grid work, the battery pack with rectifier parallel operation, the battery self-discharge loss in the whole process to make up floating. If mains failure criterion by the battery supply power to the workload alone. This kind of operation mode and fewer battery charge/discharge, self-discharge or light after discharge, can be timely added. So positive and negative active material utilization rate is higher, the service life is longer. 静止的领导, 酸电池作为备用电源一般主要方式浮动,浮动收费模式,城市电力在正常运行时,电池和一个整流器并联操作,电池自我 放电在总浮动过程来弥补损失。 如果电力失败通过电池单独工作负载供电。 操作模式下,电池充电/放电循环,由于放电或浅放电,可以及时的补充。 现在,负极活性物质利用率比较高,使用寿命长。
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