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With green all the rage these days it is time

by:Vglory      2020-06-15
You see Americans purchase nearly 3 billion dry-cell batteries every year. Household batteries contribute many potentially hazardous compounds to the municipal solid waste stream, including zinc, lead, nickel, alkalines, manganese, cadmium, silver, and mercury. As with all other watches you will still need a battery, but with a Casio solar powered watch the solar charge can last for months or even years. With a Casio solar powered watch you may never have to change the battery. That can save you money over time as well as help reduce some of the hazardous compounds in our landfills! Before we go any further I am not talking about strapping a hunk of bamboo to you arm. I am also not talking about some thing that you will have to drain your bank account just to buy one. Any one can find a Casio solar powered watch that they like at a good price! You see Casio makes a huge line of solar powered watches. I am not saying you must get a Casio solar powered watch. I just know the most about them. If you like another brand by all means get one of their watches. I am just showing you something new that just might help the planet even if only a little. Now that you know where I stand I think it is best for you to get to know Casio the company so you can understand on what Casio stands for. One thing I love about Casio is it's corporate creed. Casio's corporate creed is 'creativity and contribution.' It expresses the company's commitment to contributing to society by offering the kind of original, useful products that only Casio can. Products with innovative functions assist people in their daily lives and keep society moving forward. They also bring joy to people and help to create new culture. When even a single new product is widely adopted, whole new markets develop, and this in turn fosters growth in related industries. This is the story of Casio's contribution to society-innovative products enhancing people's lives. That is right off their website and in their own words. As you can see Casio is committed to the best and that is what you will get with their watches. You are not going to save the world but you can help even just a little and still look good at the same time!
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