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With fuel costs soaring worldwide, and more consumer

by:Vglory      2020-06-13
As one of the many initiatives Ford is currently taking in an effort to provide the public with a more economical alternative to the car, the company promises to introduce a full five-electric and hybrid vehicle models in Europe by 2013. This plan is part of a global plan of Ford's utility golf cart. Electric and hybrid vehicles will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce consumption of fossil fuels. Although environmental protection should be at the forefront of what people are looking at buying a new car, hybrid car movement is still quite new, and a full electric car is still somewhat abstract concept for many consumers. According to a study by Consumer Reports, price, range and overall performance, as a rule, the top concerns for most consumers in the market when buying a new car. Another consideration for those who might consider buying electric vehicles is the availability of electric charging stations; people are more likely to buy if they know they will be easy to 'recharge' the car comfortably. Ford, however, has a vision to bring a wide range of the most cost-effective, 'green' cars to millions. John Fleming, chairman and chief executive officer of Ford of Europe and executive vice president of global manufacturing and labor issues, said in a press release, 'These new models of advanced technologies play a key role in Ford's commitment to delivering the portfolio of alternative vehicles of transmission in the global scale and European consumers in the next few years'. First full-electric car will be launched on the agenda is the Ford Transit Connect Electric Utility Vehicles. This car is a compact van, normally used for employees who must carry an excessive load. The idea is that the electric charging stations will be placed in the workplace for employees to charge before going on their route daily work tasks. This full-electric vehicle was introduced at the New York Auto Show in 2010. That being said, 40 kW, 300-volt Siemens electric motor and lithium-ion battery to power the vehicle, an estimated 120,000 miles total. With 80-Mile range, Transit Connect an electric car called the 'smooth, quiet ride' on a test driver. When connected to a 240-volt outlet, the car takes six to eight hours to be fully charged. Next car in the electric line of the vehicle to Ford's global plan for electric vehicles will be Ford Focus Electric, released in 2012. This car will be powered 100 percent of the lithium-ion batteries. The result of all battery-car zero emissions. Range up to 100 miles and 220-volt outlet, takes six to eight hours to reach full charge. The car will also be user-friendly interface, which tells the driver details on the battery charge and range. Focus compact electric car with a modern appearance.
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