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With a riot like rising demand for smart phones

by:Vglory      2020-06-26
Lithium's adoption in technology is growing about a 20% each year since the year 2000 and the direct benefit of this will be reflected on the related securities and index attuned Lithium Metal Funds. An increase in demand for proficient and clean energy technologies has made Lithium a very popular metal, its electronic and industrial uses that vary from use in alloys in the aircraft, lubricating greases, heat resistant glass and ceramics ensures that it remains important for the growth of Electronics, Mobile Telephony and Auto Sectors. Automobile industry has exceedingly benefited from the use of Lithium batteries as they score over the old school nickel metal hydride batteries in more than one way, one being the mining and recycling process being more environmentally friendly.Lithium metal is used in medicine, electric cars, laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras and nuclear weapons etc. Another factor adding to its rage is the limited supply and a higher demand graph for the metal. Electric cars might need some catching up to do when it comes to sales and consumer preferences but with the gas prices inflating, the notion of electric cars is surely appealing and being accepted. In this scenario sale of fuel efficient vehicles is predicted to rise at the same time this anticipation could prove very beneficial for stocks related to the production of such cars as they tend to perform better. Big companies like Toyota, Daimler, Renault and BMW and others plan to launch more models of electric and (plug in) hybrid cars. In addition the increased use of smart phones and the tablet computers (almost 107 million shipped in the last year world-wide) will lead to lithium's demand to climb up further. The Lithium ion batteries will further see an up gradation by being mixed with other metals (sodium, sulphur and zinc etc.) in certain combinations to increase the energy storage capacity of such modern batteries. These materials like zinc, lithium and similar commodities earn more in terms of practical usability than gold and silver that have higher market popularity. It has been calculated by the United States Geological survey (USGS) that lithium can store roughly three times more energy than its rival metals. Commodity analysts at Dahl man Rose estimate that this metal's global consumption will double by the year 2020 to approximately 300000 metric tons a year. Lithium demand could grow at 10 - 15% a year in the near term according to the CEO Peter Oliver at Talison, a top producing company of this metal. Other companies such as Rockwood holdings, FMC and Sociedad Quimicay Minera (claiming 21% of global share) control majority of this metal's world production. A big player in the mining world is Rio Tinto that plans to enter lithium production by starting a new mine in Serbia. This metal turns out to be indeed a lucrative investment option. Though physical ownership is not possible but the investors can buy stocks of firms involved in some facet of the metal's production or else purchase a Lithium ETF can exposes one to a basket of producers (engaged in mining, exploration or lithium ion battery production).
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