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Will the lithium iron phosphate lithium battery in the battery is introduced

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Along with the development of era, electric lithium battery has been widely into our life, get the favour of many people in the industry. Lithium battery market varieties are also growing. For example, we see a car in the street also has a lot of power. Only the correct understanding to the lithium battery, can choose a good lithium battery. Pictures for: hua yu 48 v12ah electric lithium battery image current lithium battery cathode material mainly has three yuan material, lithium iron phosphate, cobalt acid lithium manganese acid lithium, etc. In the field of power battery and large capacity storage, lithium iron phosphate application, more and more with the ternary mixed materials. The application prospect of lithium ion battery is indeed very bright, it not only can be used in electronic products, electric tools, energy storage electric cars, and even is considered feasible choice, therefore, its prospect is very bright. So the lithium iron phosphate as one of the important 'important members of lithium battery, in forklift truck industry has advantages: (1) security: in real life, we can see some cars use lead-acid batteries, no security, however, the temperature of the lead-acid battery in more than 40 degrees, per liter battery of battery life, every 10 degrees increase you can double the battery life; Thermal runaway of ternary lithium battery temperature is about 200 ℃, explode once reached 200 ℃, and spontaneous combustion; Lithium iron phosphate battery thermal runaway of the temperature about 750 ℃. Can be burned in the fire 30 minutes without explosion, suggests that a more reliable security on lithium iron phosphate. {b energy density Refers to the unit weight of the batteries contain energy} Energy density is an important index to measure the performance of battery, and lithium iron phosphate battery for its small volume, light weight, large capacity, no memory effect, and the advantages of green environmental protection, can provide enough energy, such as our spring billion special forklift batteries, lithium iron phosphate can be used in working ten hours without a charge (3) long life electric forklift use cost low, every year can save a lot of repair and maintenance costs, the longer the battery life, forklift the longer service life. In a word, the lithium iron phosphate batteries is not only an important member of the battery, and so far forklift industry, the safest, most environmental protection of power battery.
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