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Why use MPPT (solar inverters Maximum power tracking) Technology?

by:Vglory      2020-08-15
Solar inverter is also called the portable portable power station, mainly used in place of short of electric power, such as outdoor travel, disaster areas, impoverished mountainous area, and so on. The maximum power point tracking (the full name of MPPT 最大功率点跟踪) Solar controller, is a traditional solar charge controller the upgrading of products. The so-called maximum power point tracking, which refers to the controller can real-time detect the power voltage of solar panels, and track the highest voltage current value ( VI) And make the system with the highest efficiency for battery charging. Maximum power tracking of MPPT) Basic principle: to give battery charging, the output voltage of solar panels must be higher than the current voltage of the battery, if the voltage is lower than the battery voltage of solar panels, then the output current will be close to zero. So, in order to be on the safe side, when solar panel manufacturing factory, the peak voltage of solar panels, Vpp) About 17 v, this is the environment temperature is 25 ° C set of standards. This set of the reason is that when the weather is very hot, the peak voltage of solar panels Vpp to around 15 v, but in the cold weather, the peak voltage of solar energy Vpp can reach 18 v! Why use solar inverter MPPT? The performance of the solar energy battery components U - can be used I curve. Battery components of instantaneous power output ( U*I) U - on the side of the road I curve move on. The output of the battery components to affected by the external circuit. Maximum power tracking technology is the use of power electronic devices with the appropriate software and make a battery component is maximum power output. Solar inverters if there is a maximum power tracking technology, the output power of battery components can be in any circumstances to achieve optimal value, thus improve the efficiency of solar battery components. More solar inverter related articles reference & lt; Why use solar inverter polymer lithium battery & gt;
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