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Why the portable outdoor power supply with high quality ternary lithium battery

by:Vglory      2020-08-18
Portable outdoor power mainly used outdoor travel, emergency rescue, emergency, power outage business roadshows, camping and so on need electricity, has been widely incorporated into People's Daily life, why do you say with high-quality ternary lithium batteries of outdoor power supply than in other power supply are of good quality? First, what we say is the ternary lithium battery: refers to the three transition metal nickel cobalt manganese oxide as the anode material of lithium secondary battery. It fully integrated the nickel cobalt acid lithium good cycle performance, high capacity of acid lithium and lithium manganese acid of high security and low cost etc. , using molecular hybrid, doping, coating and surface modification methods such as synthesis of nickel cobalt manganese compound lithium oxide embedded multielement synergy. Is now widely research and application of a lithium ion rechargeable battery. High quality advantages of ternary lithium batteries: Co3 + : reduce the cationic hybrid placeholder, stable material layer structure, reduce the impedance value, improve the electrical conductivity, improve circulation and ratio performance. Ni2 + : can increase the capacity of the materials ( Increase the volume of material energy density) 。 Mn4 + : not only can reduce the cost of materials, but also can improve the security and stability of the material. High energy density is the biggest advantage of ternary lithium batteries, the platform is an important indicator of the battery energy density and voltage, determines the basic performance and cost of batteries, the higher the voltage platform, the greater the specific capacity, so the same volume, weight, and even the same ampere hour battery, high voltage platform ternary material lithium battery life is longer. Monomer ternary lithium battery discharge voltage platform up to 3. 7 v, lithium iron phosphate is 3. 2 v, and lithium titanate is only 2. 3 v, so from the point of view, the energy density of three yuan than lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion batteries, lithium manganese acid lithium titanate or have absolute advantage. Overall the ternary lithium battery portable outdoor power relatively balanced in terms of capacity and security, is a comprehensive performance of the power supply.
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