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Why the more with the shorter the life of a forklift battery?

by:Vglory      2020-08-23
Forklift forklift with lead acid lithium batteries, battery choice when buying why shorter in the late time, small make up under some simple analysis, can use two or three years before, even for a longer time of battery, can't be used for about a year now. Some say now the battery manufacturer to the consumer is irresponsible, to cut corners, only pay attention to the interest, does not pay attention to quality. Actually, speaking of which, I believe many of the battery producers also is full of injustice. 'Battery quality not as good as before, this is really bad us. 'But hung in the market for many years, still need to choose the big brand forklift lithium-ion battery pack, so absolutely guaranteed capacity, battery quality than before, we can't rule out individual companies to get more benefit, and juggle with your battery. But the battery market is so huge, impossible to every enterprise. So now the battery is generally not as good as before, why on earth is it? Don't let a, cadmium cadmium with the forklift batteries will extend battery life and prevent the crack plate gate, the oxygen evolution potential of cadmium is high, the crystallization, corrosion resistance, cadmium battery durability to play an key role. But cadmium toxicity to a certain extent, long-term inhalation of cadmium can lead to chronic poisoning, cause kidney damage, to human body harm is very big, and impact on the environment is also very big. Therefore, countries called for battery add cadmium is prohibited. Battery run not far away, because the battery are thumb up for the country's environmental policy. Second, internalized into technology allows short-lived battery forklift battery internalized into is considered by countries as lowering the pollution of lead acid lithium battery technology, so to compare. But a lot of manufacturers, the use of internalized into technology, the battery can't afford to use. Externalization into battery can use two to three years before, now a year will be bad. And a lot of broken of waste battery to environment influence is bigger, and waste of resources. Third, more and more value-added products used to buy electric cars, they can run. This also let the battery have to adjust, to cater to the needs of the consumers. So, when do you think the battery more and use it every time, take a look at your electric cars compared with before, has changed much. Four, motor and battery don't form a complete set of forklift battery and motor is the same truth, must be reasonable collocation is not easy to bad and car. Increasing the speed and strength of the car, the corresponding battery must be increased, the battery is in a state of big horse car, is bound to prolong service life, increase or motor, battery, is bound to be a short life, also does not use what little horse-drawn cart products. Engine and battery development not synchronous, can also lead to shorten the service life of the battery. Five, unreasonable charge now can be seen everywhere on the streets and fast charging stations, a lot of electric car owners will this way to recharge electric cars. Little imagine, incorrect way of charging for the battery, damage is very big. These will make the battery life is short. Six, refurbished lithium lead shoddy the lead-acid battery industry wide range after consolidation, many lead acid lithium battery enterprises suffered serious impact. After production decline, leading to market demand. So, come to think of a lot of people are driven by interests, 'renovation'. 'Renovation of lead in the market, the existence of a large number of, is bound to affect the battery to the quality of the product, and under the condition of the market products supply tension, this product can not only quickly sold, and the price is not too low. Seven, the price war in lead acid lithium battery forklift industry, price wars have been calling for a ban, but it seems hard to really put an end to. The market is the competition, the price war is one of the most direct and most effective way of competition. Many small businesses, in order to be able to get more market share, had to lower the price. Prices to make profits at the same time, the most direct is to cut corners on the product.
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