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Why so popular like lithium-ion batteries

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
The advent of the era of lithium batteries, lead-acid battery to fall down. Lead-acid batteries fall down, also has its reason, not to fly the lithium battery, the battery to pull down. Lead-acid batteries are high heels hazards, 2013, a lot of lead-acid battery manufacturers are closing, many because of unqualified lead also endangering public security, the home of people around is also a key of course, so a lot of closing of the lead-acid battery manufacturer. Small make up to you to explain why the lithium battery so easily replace lead-acid battery and popular with the masses, there are many reasons that I will briefly talk about. First, the application of lithium battery products, from the most common mobile phone, tablet batteries, laptop batteries, flashlights, and MP3MP4, GPS, and electric cars, now the most popular car lithium-ion batteries, etc. , the application of lithium battery is really more to broader range. The masses are chosen in terms of battery lithium battery, and lithium battery to the peak of one another. Lithium battery, of course, the emergence of the countless digital products to promote the class a, small to big, lithium-ion batteries to create a small digital products high sales more convenient travel carry. Multitude was because lithium batteries, lithium batteries contain toxic substances, lithium battery does not contain lead, cadmium, mercury is poisonous substances produced lithium batteries don't affect the surrounding air. The masses are referred to as lithium batteries for the green lithium battery. People choose lithium battery is an important reason is that the high safety of lithium-ion batteries, lithium-ion battery in market boom years accidents are very few, but also there are. The cause of the accident is also because people use mistakes, not in the wrong circumstances continue to use, thus expanding the risk. When we were in the use of lithium battery should be used in accordance with the specifications, especially lithium battery must be in strict accordance with the safety of electric vehicles. the common standard to use. Rental concept and battery, lithium battery life standard and grant. According to the instructions manual to use to increase safety to reduce risk. Lithium batteries and accepted by the masses to accept and industry also has a significant reason is lithium battery, the volume, light weight, but the high voltage to a small volume of lithium-ion batteries lithium battery voltage can achieve an average of three. More than 2 v, 3. About 7 v. Relative battery and nickel battery insulation series voltage. For industrial use lithium-ion batteries and can according to customer requirements to manufacture lithium battery voltage and shape, especially the shape on the industrial use of lithium battery is according to your requirements to produce lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries can be according to the requirements of customers to create the customer needs to lithium battery voltage and shape.
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