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Why lithium battery failure, failure reason is what

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Why lithium battery failure, the failure reason is what, do you know why the lithium battery in use of failure would happen? What is the cause of the failure? We in guangdong on this lithium battery manufacturers to share with everyone! The classification of lithium battery failure in order to avoid the attenuation and battery performance stability problems, conducting lithium battery failure analysis is imperative. Lithium battery failure is due to the nature of certain result in battery performance attenuation or abnormal performance, divided into failure and stability performance. Common failure classification of lithium battery failure reasons of failure reasons of lithium-ion battery lithium batteries can be divided into internal and external causes. Internal factors mainly refers to the failure of the physical and chemical changes in the nature, dimensions can be traced back to the atomic scale, molecular, study the failure process of thermodynamics, dynamics change. The external cause includes impact, corrosion and high temperature burning, external factors such as artificial damage. Lithium-ion batteries common failure analysis capacity attenuation performance and failure mechanism of 'standard recycling time test, cycle number 500 discharge capacity shall be not less than 90% of the initial capacity. Or 1000 cycles discharge capacity should not be less than 80% of the initial capacity ', if within the scope of the standard cycle, capacity phenomenon all belong to a sharp decline in capacity attenuation. Battery capacity attenuation failure is rooted in material, at the same time and the battery manufacturing process, use of environment and other objective factors have a close contact. From the material point of view, the main failure reason are the anode material of structure failure, and the cathode surface SEI hypertrophy, electrolyte decomposition and metamorphism, set fluid corrosion, system trace impurities, etc. The anode material of structure failure: the anode material structure failure including the anode material particle crushing, irreversible phase transition, disorder, etc. LiMn2O4 for his Jahn - in the process of charging and discharging Teller effect cause a distortion of the structure, the particle breakage happens, even cause electric contact failure between the particles. LiMn1。 5Ni0. 5 materials will occur in the process of charging and discharging m1 'tetragonal crystal system - Cubic crystal system 'phase transition, LiCoO2 materials in the process of charging and discharging due to the transition from Li will lead to Co into Li layer, layer structure confusion, restricting its capacity. Anode materials failure: the failure of graphite electrode is mainly occurred in the surface of graphite, graphite surface reaction with the electrolyte, the production of solid electrolyte interface ( SEI) , if excessive growth can reduce the battery internal lithium ion content in the system, the result is capacity attenuation. The failure of silicon anode materials class is mainly caused by the large volume expansion cycle performance problems. Conclusion: about lithium battery failure reasons of why we introduce here oh, more information can be focused on our lithium battery manufacturer! ~
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