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Why is the electric car battery hot?

by:Vglory      2021-04-05
Spring has arrived, and it is now the time when the temperature rises. Have you noticed that electric vehicle batteries generate heat when they are being charged. In winter, as the temperature warms, it will become a worry for electric car owners!    So here, the author briefly introduces the principle of electric car heating, I hope it will be helpful to everyone.   There are two cases of electric vehicle battery heating, one is discharge heating, and the other is charging heating.  1. Discharge heat generation   The main reasons for discharge heat generation are: too fast discharge, possibly because the battery capacity is small, and the discharge current exceeds 0.5C for a long time.  1) When the rated voltage of the motor is low, the battery capacity is small, and the working current is too large, the voltage will drop sharply and the capacity will be consumed quickly, which is the most unfavorable for the battery.  2) The electrochemical reaction speed of the battery can only be maintained during driving, and the full cycle of charging and discharging is often done, and a little carelessness will cause excessive consumption.   When encountering a wind uphill, it consumes a lot of power, forcing the battery plate to react sharply, and the heat of the battery shell is higher, which will damage the battery and shorten its life.  3) It is desirable that the electrochemical reaction rate of the battery sufficiently supplies sufficient electric energy. The outer shell of the battery has no abnormal heat, indicating that the battery capacity is sufficient.  2. Heating during charging    Heating during charging, the possible causes of failure are:   1) Battery problems, aging of the battery, increased internal resistance, dry electrolyte, internal short circuit, etc., causing heating.  With the increase in the number of times the battery is used, this includes discharging and charging, the water molecules in the battery are gradually lost. This is what we call the battery gassing and loss of water, which causes the battery to generate heat in the electrochemical reaction.  In addition, the battery solution forms sulfuric acid crystals and precipitates sticky on the lead plate during the charging and discharging process, which causes the battery resistance to increase and heat.   These two types of problems can be solved by technical means such as adding water, desulfurization and depolarization. If the battery heats up due to sprinting, it is best to replace the battery with a new one.   2) Charger problem, this is the most common. Most families have one or more electric vehicles, and many families have different brands of electric vehicles, so the battery chargers are naturally different. However, in the process of use, it will often be used in combination, so that the unmatched charger will cause the battery to move the heat of the power supply when the battery is charging, so it will become hot and hot. For this, it is recommended not to use other brands of chargers easily. my own.   If your own charger is broken, it is recommended to buy and configure it at the original dealership, so as to avoid not being able to buy a suitable one. Of course, if you can buy a customized battery charger, it will be more in line with the characteristics of the battery you are using, whether it is the number of charge and discharge, or the safety and stability of the system, it is more suitable for the battery you are using!    must fundamentally solve the cause If the battery heats up due to the charger problem, the electric vehicle charger must be selected correctly. The battery charging process is an electrochemical reaction process. During this process, if the battery generates a small amount of heat, it is a normal heat. If the heat is abnormal, the battery A good performance is due to the charger. Previous: What are the types of electric vehicle motors?
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