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Why forklift battery life is shortened

by:Vglory      2021-05-01
The motor and the battery are not matched. The forklift battery and the engine are the same. It must be matched with the car reasonably to be used for a long time. The speed and power of the car are constantly increasing, and the corresponding battery capacity should also be increased. If the motor is increased and the battery remains the same, the service life of the small horse-drawn cart will definitely be shortened. The unsynchronized development of the engine and the battery will also shorten the service life of the battery. Charging is unreasonable. Nowadays, fast charging stations can be found everywhere on the street, and many electric vehicle owners will use fast charging to charge electric vehicles. As everyone knows, incorrect charging methods can also damage the battery. Mixed use of chargers, charging with a brand-name charger, too long charging time will shorten the life of the battery. Refurbished batteries are shoddy, and price wars have been banned in the forklift battery industry, but it is difficult to truly eliminate them. Where there is a market, there is competition, and price wars are the most direct and effective way of competition. Many small companies have to lower their prices in order to gain more market share. While cutting prices and wanting to make profits, the most direct way is to cut corners on products. Under normal circumstances, the battery can be used about 1200 times each time. In the case of repeated charging, a brand new battery can generally be used for 2-5 years, but if it is used under a large load, the minimum is 2 years, normal operation, and proper maintenance, the battery life can be as long as about 5 years. Generally, attention should be paid to the selection of batteries. There is also whether the charge and discharge capacity is normal. And whether the distilled water or deoxidized water of the battery is added correctly. Is your car model AC or DC. The problem you mentioned about the module will also exist. Especially the battery should be checked whether it is normal. Then you carry out the investigation method. One by one. If there is a good car or a broken car, you will quickly find the problem. This is also the most primitive and most useful method. Good use is also one of the important elements to protect the life of forklift batteries. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: How to reduce battery failure?
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