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Why do fuel cell and lithium batteries can be power battery?

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
Traditional lead-acid batteries used to be the most important power battery, but because of pollution and the lack of performance, not only is replaced by the rising star lithium ion battery, and may also be transcended by fuel cells. Lead-acid batteries, low specific energy in new energy vehicle weight needed to take up the overall quality and volume is larger, a charge may be driving course is shorter; Late, short service life and the cost is high. And because of pollution and run against the concept of new energy vehicle. Will tell from the characteristics of big, at present, lithium batteries used heavily in the mobile phone, computer and other equipment, new energy vehicles is useful, but it is not as important and widely applied in small. Corresponding to the lithium battery, and even can be said to be the complementary is the fuel cell, the battery seems to be natural for electric/hybrid was born. Then what for electric vehicles, the choice of lithium batteries or fuel cells? Here still need to them for comparison to illustrate the main parameters. 1, cost: the cost is high, the hydrogen production process complex become the main obstacle of the development of fuel cell. Lithium-ion battery production cost is relatively low, in addition its rechargeable use is very convenient, compared to other portable energy, it has more cost effective. 2, environmental protection, the environmental impact of both are small. Combustion products battery discharge into water, won't produce gasoline/diesel combustion after the generation of greenhouse gases. Lithium ion battery discharge product may be lithium oxide, lithium hydroxide, etc. , will not impact on the environment. In addition, the lithium ion battery can be reused. 3, reaction material: fuel cells using polymer film as electrode, support after the hydrogen and oxygen reaction to generate electricity. Polymer membranes must pass special processing to withstand high temperatures and mechanical stress. Lithium ion battery charge reserves on lithium ion adsorption or release of energy. The quality of the lithium ion is very light, so is the ideal vehicle power battery. 4, potential, if can reduce the cost of fuel cells, which can be really as gasoline/diesel fuel alternative energy sources. If the lithium battery can further improve the energy density, cycle life can be longer, the energy is also a very good driver. 5, realistic challenge: for fuel cell, there are a number of technical problems waiting to be solved. And the facing problems in the development of lithium ion battery is charging infrastructure less common. Fuel cell and lithium battery while the advantages and disadvantages of different when as power battery, but is the ideal vehicle batteries, in the current car storage facilities, can be regarded as a complement of two types of power supply.
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