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Where is the battery technology difficult to break through?

by:Vglory      2021-04-01
Where is the battery technology difficult to break through? Where is the battery technology difficult to break? Electric vehicles, mobile phones, tablets, and mobile power now choose lithium-ion polymer batteries because of its cycling function and high-capacity battery storage. The lithium atomic number is 3 , Which means that there are three protons, it is the lightest alkali metal element, which makes it the most suitable for the preparation of anode materials for removable batteries with known information. Lithium batteries are smaller, lighter, and have higher energy density than earlier nickel batteries. But it also has many problems, the important thing is fever. In the process of charging and discharging lithium batteries, a large amount of heat will appear in high-density spaces. Lithium batteries have a fixed amount of lithium ions. If the battery wants to be used for a longer period of time, lithium ions must be added, but this means that the device is heavier, has a higher heating value, and has a higher thermal burst potential. If you want to be safer or more portable, you have to sacrifice the number of batteries and usage time. Therefore, the biggest factor restricting the development of batteries is still data, including positive and negative data and electrolyte. There are several types of positive electrode data, such as lithium cobalt acid, lithium manganese acid, lithium ferrite and their mixtures, etc. The positive electrode data directly affects the unit power, and now these data can be said to be unable to meet the needs of this era. It is fundamentally broken, so I hope to develop new batteries and discover new materials.Of course, objectively speaking, the mobile phone is now required to not be completely criminalized due to the battery, the mobile phone itself is too high, and the power consumption of the processor is also very important. On the one hand, and now, mobile phone screen resolution is getting higher and higher, 1080p has now become the standard, 2k screens will be promoted nearby, and the future 4k screens may also appear on mobile phones. It has now exceeded the needs of early people. , And the resolution is advancing and the burden of GPU is increasing. In this way, the mobile phone really becomes an electric tiger. Adding these factors together, we always feel that the battery is not enough and the battery life is not enough. Going back to the problem itself, another reason why mobile phone battery life is poor is that any business that wants to process on a large scale takes into account the basic performance of chemical energy storage batteries, which is a very important factor to consider is the elements required for battery storage. , Such as nickel and lithium can be mined on a large scale, and rare earth elements, or, for example, man-made elements, the output and price cannot supply civilian technology, so it is developed as a high-energy storage battery, such as a 2k screen mobile phone can let you Normal use for 10 days, the price of the photovoltaic cell is 200,000, but it will definitely be thrown away by the store. In summary, the support of giant companies that can promote battery technology innovation is also a relatively important link. We see that since the invention of lithium batteries, it has basically not changed much. EnviaSystems, a company specializing in high-energy batteries, was founded in 1995. It has been more than ten years since then. It was only in 2007 that it doubled its battery storage capacity. Since then, it has not risen by more than 30%. Not surprisingly, even John Goodenough, a scientist in the field of modern batteries and the father of lithium iron phosphate, laments that the development of batteries has encountered a bottleneck. Some scientists in this field even said that the development of lithium batteries is nearing completion and there will be no obvious breakthroughs. Although many researchers are now turning their attention to nanoscience, Nanyang Technological University, Chen Xiaodong and others have used titanium dioxide nanotubes as anodes to come up with a new lithium battery that can be charged to 70% in two minutes.Graphene has been on fire in recent years. , Can supply more. But these skills, from the laboratory to the business, will go through a long cycle, divided by the few big players in the global mobile phone market and the premise that each has a very complete mobile phone processing line, the big giants have small eyes on each other, no matter who chooses A revolutionary skill with considerable capital and taking huge risks is very important. Once lost, it may permanently lose its leading position. These factors will have a great impact on the upgrade of mobile phone batteries. Is there really no way to solve the bottleneck of battery skills? We really don’t want to be too disappointed. In fact, the energy density of lithium batteries has been increasing in recent years, but generally only a few percentage points in the order of magnitude, and most people can’t make a statement: Some pictures and content of the published article are from the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact to delete the previous article: The secret of the technology of lithium iron manganese phosphate battery
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