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When you are travelling on your RV, you know battery

by:Vglory      2020-06-19
Whether it is the engine, the ignition, or any electrical appliance that you may be using in your RV, the entire working is controlled by the RV batteries and thus regular repair and maintenance is very important. Your RV won't run if the batteries run out of power so you need to ensure regular charging. Contrary to popular perception, your RV batteries can go a long time if tended to properly. Overcharging, undercharging, or improper charging, anything can lead to the battery losing its life. Your RV battery might not last you a lifetime but it can certainly last you long enough if you make a note for its caretaking. Most RV batteries die before their average life because of the careless attitude of the owner and getting new ones is not all that cheap. It is better to be careful than spending on something that might have easily lasted you for a longer while. Make sure of having proper knowledge of how to charge and maintain your RV batteries, you can acquire this knowledge by reading the manual that accompanies your purchase. Regular cleaning is also very important and quite simple too. Make sure to have a compatible charger with your batteries for proper and long lasting charging. Don't leave your RV batteries in a low charge state for a long time. While you not only run the risk of being stranded, the batteries tend to lose their life this way. Since your vehicle is accompanying you everywhere, you need to tend to it as well. It passes rough terrains and harsh weathers so it is best to regularly keep a check on the wirings and the other visible things. Look out for any cracks, leaks, etc. Keep your battery fluid levels filled with distilled water to avoid emergency and any negative reactions. RV batteries can turn out to be quite durable and give you a nice ride year after year if utmost care and maintenance is strictly followed. You don't want your RV batteries to die out on you while you are planning to prolong your travel plans hence you need to make sure that your RV batteries can be relied upon. The major problem that people travelling in RVs face is battery backup therefore dirt and corrosion should not be let to come near your RV batteries. Wherever you plan to keep your batteries, make sure it is a safe and secure place as the entire RV and your journey depends on the batteries. You might not be a scientific person but it is best to know the make of your RV batteries so that you can take care of them in a better way. RV batteries are lead acid batteries, 6 in number connected in series. The batteries comprise of plates, lead, lead oxide dipped in electrolyte, which is 36% sulfuric acid and 64% water. These batteries are also called the house batteries. The life expectancy of a battery directly depends on the user. If you maintain them, store them, recharge them and discharge them properly and regularly, your batteries will definitely have a long life span. One should make sure to discharge the battery at 100% and recharge it when it reaches 50%. This cycle will prolong the life of your RV batteries and make them more efficient. Though it is easy to maintain and clean RV batteries, it can sometimes be dangerous too as the acid can harm the body therefore one should take proper precaution with gloves, glares and other coverings to avoid accidents or you can just call in a mechanic to see it for you. RV batteries are of two types- deep cycle and starting. Mostly RVs use deep cycle batteries. There are many sub-types of them and one can choose according to one's requirement. However, every battery comes with its advantage and disadvantage but whichever battery you may choose, maintenance is the demand of every battery to make it more durable, reliable and efficient. Finally, if you are on an RV lifestyle, you already know how every little thing is worth so much so it is best to save power; take precaution while taking care of your RV batteries because changing them can be quite a painful and expensive affair.
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