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When using a laptop, we always have more or less bad habits

by:Vglory      2020-07-04
1, do not drink when use a notebook Many users is used to do this action when use laptop . But attention that, you'd battery place glass away from the notebook, otherwise accidentally knocked over the glass, water spilled on the keyboard, will damage the motherboard, because the majority of current laptop keyboard is not waterproof, and if the water is too much, the water will directly along the keyboard penetrate into the inside! 2, do not use your fingers touch the screen There must be exciting pictures on the screen, make sure you will not to use your fingers touch the screen. First of all, we all know that the notebook LCD screen is coated with a special coating, which can screen more clearly. This coating layer is only a few microns, so usually we do not feel check it out. If long-term use fingernails or other hard objects pointing LCD, this layer of material will cause damage, which greatly affect the screen display. Second, the laptop's screen is a liquid crystal material. Very likely due to our press have led to the LCD press office moves, resulting in bright spots, dark spots, dead pixels, etc., thereby affecting the screen visual effects. 3, do not wear hard jewelry when use the notebook Wrist can damage part of the notebook. In particular, decorated with a metal band or bracelet strap watch, then notebook damage will even more serious. A long time, in a notebook left indelible traces! While this performance wear for the books will not have any effect, but to watch their new bought books become full of scratches, and my heart is still a little upset it. Actually very simple, as long as when typing the watch off, completely avoid the above situation occurred. 4, try to not use the CD driver to watch movie In all the notebook accessories, CD driver is relative vulnerable, and most laptop drives on the desktop is less than the performance, but also because of the restrictions also led to the notebook body in the dust, etc. than the drive units type machine much worse! Kandie drive long-term use will accelerate wear bald. 5, do not use the laptop on the bed Some friends like to use books on the bed. In fact, this is a very bad habit. The soft surface will make the body sink, cover the vent, the heat will seriously affect the notebooks, if seriously enough, and the notebook will expired. 6,laptop battery is another important thing you must know Now, many laptops use lithium batteries, the lithium battery memory is small, but also very vulnerable. As powered battery, you should better recharge the battery when 5% power remaining. Premature or excessive charge will accelerate the aging batteries. When you feel the battery performance is down, you can take fully charge and discharge process several times, battery performance can be effectively restored. Where there is AC, use the power adapter as far as possible. If long-term use of an external power supply, the correct approach is discharge the battery every one to two weeks the only battery-powered laptop that is say do not connected to external power, and charge the battery until less than 10% power. If the maintain the battery correctly, the battery can usually use about three years.
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