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What technical route will accelerate the development of the energy storage lithium battery industry?

by:Vglory      2021-05-04
Lithium battery energy storage has the advantages of high energy density, low self-discharge, no memory effect, wide operating temperature range, fast charge and discharge, long service life, low environmental pollution and freedom from natural conditions such as terrain. It is the current energy storage The most adaptable technical route in product development can be competent for various complex scenarios, and has strong competitiveness in critical energy storage areas such as the power generation side, the user side, and the grid side. However, there are several factors that restrict the development of energy storage lithium battery technology. The following are some suggestions given by the author: 1. Carry out major strategy and policy research on lithium battery energy storage and focus on the key points of safety, reliability, energy conversion efficiency and lifespan. Issues, strengthen top-level planning and design, study and formulate major strategic plans for the development of the lithium battery energy storage industry, and clarify industrial development goals, breakthrough directions and key tasks. Study the technical roadmap for promoting the development of lithium battery energy storage technology and industry, continuously improve policy mechanisms and business models, cultivate leading companies, and guide stakeholders to work together to accelerate the implementation of lithium battery energy storage projects. 2. Promote the development and implementation of key technical standards, coordinate relevant units and standardization organizations, and establish lithium battery energy storage standardization committees and working groups. From the perspective of system use, comprehensively develop the development of key standards for lithium battery energy storage planning, design, manufacturing, operation, maintenance and recycling, and establish a technical standard system that supports each other and coordinated development of all links in the entire process, focusing on promoting safety and environmental protection. Development of standards. Actively participate in the international standardization activities of lithium battery energy storage, lead or participate in the development of important international standards for lithium battery energy storage, and increase international influence and voice. Carry out training on lithium battery energy storage technology standards to promote the implementation of standards. 3. Deeply carry out safety quality testing and certification Carry out research on lithium battery energy storage adaptability testing technology, develop high-precision, high-reliability detection technology and special detection equipment, and improve the intelligence level and detection efficiency of testing equipment. Improve the evaluation methods and models for the electrochemical performance and safety detection of energy storage batteries, add test frequencies in the operation and management phase, and research and establish safety testing and certification systems for lithium battery energy storage systems. Cultivate and build a batch of comprehensive testing platforms and certification bodies for lithium battery energy storage, strengthen service functions, prevent and resolve various risk problems, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the lithium battery energy storage industry. 4. Establish a full life cycle management system for lithium battery energy storage projects. Firmly establish a full life cycle thinking. In view of the current safety and reliability issues in the construction and operation management of lithium battery energy storage projects, overall consideration of the design of the entire energy storage system The key elements and management requirements of each stage of the whole life cycle, such as manufacturing, installation, operation, maintenance, and recycling, accelerate the realization of refined and systematic management of the whole process and all elements. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of the articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous article: What are the methods for 18650 lithium battery pack
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