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What strange after electric vehicle battery sulfide

by:Vglory      2020-09-21
Electric vehicle battery reaches a certain cycles, can produce sulfide phenomenon, transport time is decreased obviously, most of the battery failure is due to the accumulation of lead sulfate, when energy is greater than a minimum limit of lead sulfate molecules, they dissolved from the plate, return to the liquid state. Earlier bubbles appear when charging, the electrolyte density can not meet the prescribed standards. Under the condition of different regions and the temperature of the electrolyte density is different. Electric vehicle battery electrolyte proportion is calculated by temperature, generally with the proportion of 20 ℃ when accurate, otherwise the electrolyte temperature 20 ℃ once per below or above will be plus or minus 0. 0007 to calculate, for example, 20 ℃, the proportion in 1. 285 that is fully charged, when 20 ℃, adequate proportion should be 1. 285 + (( 20 - 30) ×0. 0007] = 1. 285 - 0. 007 = 1. 278. In fact, there is always a part of the sulfate is not returned in the electrolyte, but attached on the plate, the final formation of insoluble crystals. Sulfate crystals formed so: these can't participate in the reaction of a single low sulfate molecules are at the core of the energy state, it gradually adsorption for other energy very low sulfate molecules. When these molecular accumulation, and tightly integrated, forming a crystal. This kind of crystal can't effectively dissolve into the electrolyte. When charging the electrolyte temperature is higher than plate without vulcanization of lead-acid batteries. When use or discharge battery capacity test, terminal voltage drop rapidly. The electrolyte density drops below normal, plate color is not normal, the positive plate is shallow brown ( Some white) , positive and negative plate, negative plate into a gray surface hardening as the sand grain, in conclusion, electric vehicle battery is produced after vulcanization.
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