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What should I pay attention to when customizing lithium batteries?

by:Vglory      2021-03-22
How to customize lithium battery pack, what should be paid attention to when customizing lithium battery? The entire cycle of the custom lithium battery pack process is usually within 15 working days. The first day: review and discuss the requirements given by the customer, and then quote the sample, and the price will be negotiated and the customized product will be established. Day 2: Design of product cell selection and circuit structure. Day 3: After all the designs are completed, samples will be made. Day 4: The function test and debugging are completed. Day 5: Carry out the electrical performance and cycle aging test verification of the lithium battery pack. Matters needing attention in lithium battery customization 1) The customization of lithium battery packs is different from mass-processed products. It is independently developed and designed for different products. Therefore, during the customization process, a certain fee must be paid (usually involving mold opening Expenses, development costs, product proofing costs, etc.) 2) Ru0026D time: The length of Ru0026D time is directly related to the time for new products. Generally, the Ru0026D time for custom lithium battery packs is about 30 days, and the implementation of fast Ru0026D channels is generally not required The proofing time for mold-opening products can be shortened to 15 days; Statement: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete the previous article: Safety performance of lithium iron phosphate batteries and ternary lithium batteries What are the differences?
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