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What makes electric lithium battery life increase 10 times

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
Do scientists' silicon anode electric vehicle battery life increase 10 times at the university of Waterloo researchers developed a new generation of battery technology, can produce a stable of small volume, long life battery, in addition to the convenience of small wearable equipment installation, also can be used for the electric car Stanley Chen ( The sound) Is a chemical engineering professor at the university of Waterloo, is the project leader, he led a group of graduate student research team, it is said that can greatly improve the performance of the battery performance and service life, far from the supermarket on the surface of the lithium ion battery. The research results have been published in the journal nature communications researchers how reduce under the condition of cell volume, also can guarantee long life? The answer is, they use silicon as the battery cathode material and solve the disadvantages. As is known to all, graphite has long been used as the anode material in lithium-ion batteries. But with the ascension of battery technology, material itself has gradually turned into the development of the battery performance bottlenecks, because energy has reached the upper limit, graphite anode materials research institutions are turning to new search, one to try is to use silicon as a battery cathode. In theory, the specific capacity of silicon material than graphite material. Given a numerical value directly reflects the unit weight of the battery can let out of electricity. The current commercial lithium ion battery widely used for graphite cathode active material, the specific capacity of about 360 mah/g. University of Waterloo choose to use the silicon theoretical specific capacity has reached 4200 mah/g, graphite is more than 10 times. Stanley Chen said that this means that a single charge of electric range of up to 500 kilometers, and the electric vehicle battery smaller than they are now lighter, body weight loss. But the silicon as attempt to battery cathode material is not in the minority, have been unable to widely used due to some technical difficulties. As we know, the safety of the battery cathode materials and battery also has a lot of associations, and the board is the security of the silicon anode materials is poorer, charge and discharge volume change greatly. Every time, filling silicone material volume shrinkage rate is as high as 300%. Each new volume increase and decrease of crack formation, reduce the performance of the battery performance, cause short circuit, and eventually lead to the battery stop working. Researchers at the university of Waterloo in the use of silicon to focus on in the process of research and development of battery is the problem. Professor Chen's team and gm's global r&d cooperation developed heat treatment technology of silicon electrode can minish the volume expansion in the process of charging to the lowest, thus improve the performance of the battery and lithium ion battery circulation charge and discharge process. This kind of heat treatment technology has created a unique structure of silicon anode, with the ascension of battery energy capacity, can be increased to 2000 times the charge and discharge cycle. Silicon anode cell is a research subject of professor Chen, he said the battery technology has the possibility of commercial production, the team hopes to see a new battery into the market before next year. He led the team of the major projects including the unique nano materials research and development of a new generation of clean and sustainable energy technologies. They also focus on sulfur include metal air batteries, lithium batteries and various types of flow battery. If you are interested in lithium ion battery or have any questions, please contact our online customer service, click or call:, lithium battery provides efficient green power for the world!
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