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What is the working principle of a portable outdoor power supply?

by:Vglory      2020-08-15
What is a portable outdoor power supply? Portable outdoor power supply consists of charger, inverter, battery, isolation transformer, switch device is composed of a dc can a outdoor emergency power inverter into ac power. Portable outdoor power supply is in emergency power supply and add the terms of an outdoor use, but after this attached to such a condition, selection of emergency power object will shrink a lot. Portable portable power station as a specially designed for outdoor emergency and lithium battery, portable power station is the user's choice of outdoor emergency power accounts for a large proportion in the category. The advantage of portable outdoor power supply used in outdoor in where? The overall structure of the overall structure design of the portable outdoor power supply design is in order to better the user can get a better user experience in the outdoor. Such as the exterior design, the appearance of small outdoor power emergency power supply as a single shoulder bag, portable, small size, convenient moving fast from one site to another site. Composition material outside of the portable outdoor power supply mostly adopt high strength engineering plastics, anti-throw, strong earthquake, fire prevention, waterproof performance. Internal material selection large capacity lithium battery pack, small volume, light weight, big power. Performance characteristics of the portable outdoor power supply with ac 220 v / 110 v super pure sine wave output power, over voltage, overload, short circuit protection design, overload/over current/over charge/discharge protection as well as the protective wall protection design. Like outdoor travel or outdoor photography friends, have a portable outdoor power supply is right choice, let you have electricity outdoors at any time. More about the portable outdoor power supply maintenance please refer to the portable outdoor power supply for a long time not to use, how to maintain,
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