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What is the reason for the influence of lithium battery sales price

by:Vglory      2020-12-07
Influence what was the reason for the lithium battery sales price, is what will affect the lithium battery price? About this we guangdong lithium battery agent factory now to tell you! Lithium battery prices constitute mainly by the price of batteries, lithium-ion batteries protective plate and shell parts, at the same time due to the power consumption of the electric appliances and electric current, the size of the material on the connection between the batteries ( Conventional nickel sheet, forming nickel, copper nickel composite plate, jumper, etc. ) Selection will affect the cost of different connectors ( Such as aviation plugs, from ten yuan to thousands of yuan) It is also possible to cost impact is bigger, and the different PACK process will also affect the cost. A, in the selection of batteries: one is the different material system and selection of batteries will affect the whole lithium battery price. According to the anode material of lithium-ion batteries is different, there will be a lithium manganese acid ( 3. 6 v) And cobalt acid lithium ( 3. 7 v / 3。 8V) Cobalt, nickel manganese acid lithium ( Commonly known as the three yuan, 3. 6 v) , lithium iron phosphate ( 3. 2V) , lithium titanate ( 2. 3 v / 2。 4V) A variety of materials such as system of batteries, the batteries of different material system, its voltage platform and stability coefficient, recycling times, energy density ratio, temperature, etc. The second is the price of different brands of batteries will also vary widely, the total price gradient can be divided into: special batteries ( Including temperature, high temperature, high ratio, different) , Japanese ( Panasonic, sanyo, SONY) , South Korea ( Samsung, LG) , domestic ( Domestic is divided into 1 line ( Lishen, bick, byd, ATL) , the second line, or even can be assigned to the five lines, six lines) With material system, and different brands of batteries, the price difference will be very big, and by the quality of the market evolution of each brand batteries, Secure, consistency, stability) Basically is proportional to the price. Lithium battery price is affected by several factors we share here, hope to help everyone is oh, more information please also of focusing on our lithium battery manufacturer oh, thank you very much for reading!
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