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What is the price of 48V lithium battery

by:Vglory      2021-04-20
How much is a 48V lithium battery? What is the price of a 48V lithium battery? Many people don't understand. In fact, most lithium batteries are lithium polymer batteries. Due to different materials and technologies used by lithium battery manufacturers, the price will be different. The author below will look at the collected theoretical data for a price reference. Generally speaking, a 48v lithium battery is a battery pack composed of multiple lithium batteries in series and parallel. If the single battery is a 48v lithium battery, the efficiency and life of the battery are not very good. Therefore, the price reference factors of 48v lithium battery are as follows: Generally, a single lithium battery is 4.2~4.0v. Therefore, the price of a 48v lithium battery u003d the price of a single lithium battery x (4.2~4.0v*nu003d48v)*m (with m The price of parallel lithium battery pack) + external protection battery material is in Taobao, Jingdong, Ali and other online stores. The price of lithium battery ranges from 1.2 yuan to 20 yuan, which is mainly due to the difference in processing technology and material formula. Remember, lithium battery packs should use batteries processed by the same manufacturer. Of course, the voltage of the batteries should be the same, but the voltage difference should not exceed 20mV. How to assemble a large-capacity 48v lithium battery, do you want to know? That is to learn to know the cells. Due to the large capacity of lithium batteries, lithium batteries are generally packaged into oh. If you want to know how to assemble a large 48v lithium battery, you should first know a principle: the battery series only increase the voltage, not the capacity; the parallel connection of the batteries will only increase the capacity, but not the voltage. This is a way to increase the capacity of the 48v lithium battery. The battery connection method is as follows: Assembly of a large-capacity lithium battery For example, you want a 6000 mAh, 16-volt large-capacity battery. Suppose a battery has a voltage of 4V and a capacity of 1200mAH, so you need 20 batteries. In other words, 4 batteries should form a series battery pack to form a 16V battery pack, so the capacity of a battery pack is 1200mAH, and then 5 such battery packs are connected in parallel, so that you can get a 6000mAH, 16V battery pack. Capacity lithium battery. Issues that should be paid attention to in the assembly of large-capacity 48v lithium batteries: 1. The voltage and voltage difference of the lithium battery should not be too large, preferably within 20mV; 2. It is not recommended to use the same type of batteries from different manufacturers for assembly, because different manufacturers’ Different processing techniques and battery material formulations may lead to inconsistent work efficiency between batteries and easily damage the batteries. 3. Even if you use lithium batteries from the same manufacturer, old and new batteries cannot be mixed; 4. It is recommended to use the same batch of batteries, even if they are from the same manufacturer; Statement: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet, such as If there is any infringement, please contact to delete the previous article: How to calculate the battery voltage and battery quantity?
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