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What is the low temperature cold start lithium battery?

by:Vglory      2020-09-12
Normal use lithium battery is a temperature deviation, different season is used, the output of current intensity and energy storage of electricity chemistry is not consistent, brand forklift lithium battery with good discharge curve, great distance in high temperature and low temperature range, good capacity of energy storage, even if also start right as usual in 25 degrees below zero, low temperature starting ability is refers to the lithium battery in a short period of time under different temperature conditions of large current discharge capacity. Due to the many advantages of sealed lead acid lithium battery, therefore won the wide application of lithium sealed lead-acid battery charging technology, however, seem to not be valued, the battery caused by unreasonable charging way early to scrap is widespread. In winter or in cold region, the car can't start the engine, it is because lithium battery caused by the poor startup performance at low temperature. Low temperature starting ability test as stipulated in the standard is put charge lithium battery in low temperature ( < - 18℃) Environment for at least 20 h, or lithium battery electrolyte temperature reaches middle monomer - 18 ℃, and then to large current discharge, by measuring the discharge time is in accordance with the standard requirements. Starting at low temperature is the main reason of the unqualified lithium battery negative plate passivation, negative once appear passivation phenomenon, the electrochemical reaction rate will drop sharply, at this time of battery capacity will be greatly reduced. The key to solve the negative plate passivation is the production of plate should be appropriately in the passivation additive such as alkali lignin, barium sulfate, carbon black, etc. ; Average car start principle of lithium battery and internal-combustion forklift lithium battery is the same, are lead-acid for material, belongs to start metal, need to pay attention to the winter cold start state.
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