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What is the lithium iron phosphate batteries

by:Vglory      2020-11-03
Don't know about chemicals, the first thought of what, probably are oxygen, after all, every moment of life need to maintain respiration, so air is everywhere, and contains a large number of oxygen in the air. But today I want to introduce is the lithium iron phosphate batteries, lithium iron phosphate battery what then? Lithium iron phosphate is a kind of electrode materials, mainly used in all kinds of lithium ion battery lithium iron phosphate. By foreign scholars for the first time revealed the olivine structure of lithium iron phosphate battery cathode material, every place has carried on the related research, and then reported the reversibility of lithium iron phosphate battery, makes this material has received the various countries a great deal of attention, and has attracted a great deal of research and rapid development. With relatively traditional aluminum ion compared to secondary battery cathode materials, spinel structure more wide raw material sources, the price also is relatively low, and will not cause the pollution of environment. General synthetic method of the lithium iron phosphate has the following kinds, next I mainly introduce the application of a kind of more. Understand is mainly in solid method, in the present stage, the high temperature solid instead should method is the most commonly used method, which is the most mature synthesis method, its use of nitrogen protection push plate furnace, mesh belt furnace and the rotary kiln sintering. As for the carbon thermal reduction process, relatively simple, workers in the process of operation is more simple, the price of raw materials is low, suitable for large-scale factory production. And microwave synthesis method of synthesis time is short, low energy consumption, suitable for laboratory for the corresponding research. Can be used according to the location of the different and choose a different method for synthesis of required products, achieve the goal of economic efficiency. Lithium iron phosphate battery using the main field of energy storage devices, such as the solar wind power generation system of energy storage devices. And some high power electric tools, in living at ordinary times can see some of the electric vehicles are using this kind of material, children play with toys, such as remote control cars, remote control aircraft and ships, etc. After new energy staff after long-term research, the success of research and development and production of composite nanometer material lithium iron phosphate batteries have improved, on the basis of the original unit capacity than overcome the characteristics of unit volume is too large, make it suitable for digital products field, the mobile power energy can reach 38. 4 wh to recharge many mobile devices, suitable for long-distance travel out of the customer. So I know what is the lithium iron phosphate batteries?
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