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What is the difference between portable UPS power supply and emergency power supply?

by:Vglory      2020-08-15
About what is the difference between the portable UPS power supply and emergency power supply problem, in fact, a lot of friends have mentioned this problem, do a lot of people are points not clear portable UPS power supply and emergency power supply, the power supply scope if there is a coincidence? Today, the author is to illustrate a portable UPS power supply and emergency power difference between the two, I hope you can like it. Portable UPS power: mainly made up of electric energy storage device and the switch of the converter is to ensure the static type of the power supply continuity ac uninterruptible power supply unit. Portable UPS power supply, literally meaning can be understood as a kind of convenient, the relatively small size of UPS power supply. Portable UPS power source is actually a small, portable, stable and environmental energy storage system, can provide a very portable sustainable green energy solutions. Emergency power: the battery charger, inverter, battery, isolation transformer, switch device consisting of a can the dc inverter into ac power emergency power supply. Is to meet special requirements such as emergency power supply, fire protection industry are widely used in various construction projects, to escape lighting or other fire fighting, emergency need all sorts of electric equipment of the power supply of power. Its working principle is to use single inverter technology dual power supply in case of emergency. What is the difference between portable UPS power supply and emergency power supply? Terms: 1, from the working principle of a portable UPS power source is will supply all the way after electric rectifier filter inverter output standard voltage, supply the battery all the way, when the mains is disconnected. Battery in the inverter inverter into standard voltage supply load, ensure that green and stable power supply load. Portable UPS power grid and electrical equipment are isolated, public power will not directly to electricity power supply equipment, but the UPS has been converted into direct current, again mulling two road, all the way for the battery, the other is all the way back to alternating current (ac), power supply for electric equipment, electric power quality instability or power failure, the battery from charging to power supply, until returned to normal mains charging back. As long as in portable UPS output power enough, if you can supply to any use of electric equipment. Emergency power supply adopts single inverter technology, chargers, batteries, inverter and controller as a whole. Internal system design the battery inspection, shunt circuit, adopt the backup operation mode. When normal mains input, the input mains by mutual switch device for important load power supply, at the same time the system controller automatically detect mains and through the charger for battery charging management. 2, as for the range of application: emergency power supply scope of application: emergency lighting controller, fire emergency lighting, emergency lighting equipment and so on centralized power supply, with stairs, ramps, escalator crowded places, such as fire control room, transformer room, all kinds of construction work of power supply and other places, is the indispensable equipment in the important buildings. Portable UPS power application: outdoor office, outdoor photography, outdoor construction, standby power supply, emergency power supply, fire fighting and rescue, disaster relief, auto start charging, digital, mobile power supply; Also can be used in mountain areas without electricity, pastoral areas, field survey, traveling leisure, or on the automobile, ship, all can be used as dc and ac power. 3, from the output power: portable UPS power supply object is computer and network equipment. Load the nature difference is not big, so the nation UPS output power factor is 0. 8. On-line portable UPS in order to ensure the output power supply continuous and high quality power supply, choose inverter is preferred. Emergency power supply mainly as a power supply emergency safeguard, load properties of sensibility, capacity and rectifier load. Some of the load are mains power failure after work. And EPS can provide great impact current, general requirement under 120% rated load can still run normally 10 above the rain, so the EPS need output dynamic characteristics is better, stronger resistance to overload ability, EPS power supply to ensure emergency use, is to choose the mains is preferred.
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