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What is the capacity of the battery?

by:Vglory      2020-10-31
The conditions stipulated in the design, Such as temperature, discharge rate and termination voltage, etc. ) , the battery should be able to release the lowest capacity, unit for ampere hour, expressed as a symbol of C. Capacity is strongly influenced by the discharge rate, so often in the letter 'C' in Arabic numerals indicate the discharge rate of the lower right corner, such as C20 = 50, that has a capacity of 50 under 20 rate when Ann & middot; Hours. Theoretical capacity of the battery can be according to the amount of battery electrode active material in the reactive and calculated on Faraday's law of the active material of electrochemical equivalent calculated accurately. Due to side effects may occur in the battery and the special needs of design, the actual capacity is often lower than the theoretical capacity of the battery.
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