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What is the battery separator and electrolyte?

by:Vglory      2020-08-29
Battery separator is made up of microporous material such as rubber, paint, glass fiber, its main role is to prevent the positive and negative plate short circuit, make the anion electrolyte is passed, resistance slow shedding of positive and negative plates active substances, prevent the positive and negative plate damage due to vibration, with a hole in the diaphragm are required to rate is high, 60%) , small aperture, acid-proof, not secrete harmful impurities, there is a certain strength, small in the electrolyte resistance, has the characteristics of chemical stability, electrolyte is an important part of lithium-ion batteries, the effect is a conduction current and to participate in the electrochemical reaction. The electrolyte is by concentrated sulfuric acid and water purification ( Deionized water) Made from, the purity and density of electrolyte have important effects on battery capacity and service life.
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