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What effect does environment temperature on lithium battery performance?

by:Vglory      2020-10-28
Of all the environmental factors, the temperature is most affected by the performance of the battery charge and discharge, electrochemical reaction on the electrode/electrolyte interface is associated with the environment temperature, the electrode/electrolyte interface is regarded as the heart of the battery. If the temperature drops, the electrode response rate also fell, assuming that the battery voltage constant, reduce the discharge current, battery power output will decline. If the temperature rise, on the other hand, the battery power output increase, temperature also affects the transfer rate of the electrolyte temperature rise is faster, transfer temperature drop, slow transfer, battery charging and discharging performance would also be affected. But the temperature is too high, more than 45, can destroy the chemical equilibrium inside the battery, cause side effects. The discharge efficiency of nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries in the low temperature will have a significantly lower ( Such as below - 15) And in - 20, lye to freezing point, battery charging speed will be greatly reduced. In the low temperature charging less than 0 will be when the battery internal pressure and may increase the relief valve opens. In order to effectively charging, the environment temperature range should be 5 - Between 30, average charging efficiency decreases as the temperature rises, but when the temperature rises to more than 45, rechargeable battery materials under high temperature performance degradation, the cycle of the battery life will shorten stand together ward science and technology co. , LTD is located in the forefront of China's reform and opening up in shenzhen, the specialty is engaged in the electric car lithium-ion batteries, high-power energy storage power and lithium battery research and development, production and sales. The core series products' poly ward is the shenzhen municipal science and technology co. , LTD launched flagship brand, the product with excellent quality marketing across the country. And for its' quality first, customer first 'business philosophy, won the domestic numerous industry friends for approval. So far, the company has domestic and dozens of electric bicycle enterprises established long-term stable cooperative relations, we are trying to be the domestic lithium battery industry leader. 'in a professional manner, to create excellent quality 'is the company's unremitting pursuit,' lithium battery is willing to work with you to join hands in creating a better future! If you are interested in electric lithium battery or have questions, please contact our online customer service, click or call:, lithium battery provides efficient green power for the world!
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