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What are the requirements for power lithium batteries in the development of new energy automobile industry

by:Vglory      2021-05-10
1. The high safety of power lithium batteries is the basic requirement for the safety of power lithium batteries to start from the foundation. A car is a means of transportation, especially a passenger car is a public passenger car, and the safety guarantee must be 100%. At present, the frequency of new energy vehicle fires is still relatively high, and the safety problem is quite serious. If safety cannot be 100% effectively guaranteed, it is possible to shake the determination and confidence in the development of new energy. Safety should start from the design. First, the safety of the battery cell design must be addressed, the second is the safety of the lithium battery system, and the third is the safety of the application and maintenance. 2. The life of the power lithium battery is longer than that of the whole vehicle. The power lithium battery is an important assembly part of the car. It cannot be said that other assembly parts are good. The rated energy of the battery has dropped to less than 80%. Then the car will If there is no power, it is necessary to replace the battery with a new one. The requirements of car companies are that the life of lithium batteries for passenger cars must be longer than 8 years, and the life of passenger cars must be longer than 700,000 kilometers. Below the above indicators, electric vehicles cannot be compared with fuel vehicles, and new energy vehicles cannot afford to upgrade my country's automobile industry. 3. The power lithium battery must be able to ensure that the vehicle's cruising range is not less than 350 kilometers. At present, the daily operating mileage of first-tier city buses is around 230 kilometers, and taxis are around 350 kilometers. The energy density has to be increased, while taking into account the power density to meet the development requirements of new energy vehicles. If the power lithium-ion battery can ensure that the vehicle's cruising range is not less than 350 kilometers, the promotion and use of new energy vehicles in my country will achieve decisive success, and it will basically have the strength of PK with fuel vehicles. The critical demand in the passenger car market lies in the A and B-class cars. If they have a cruising range of 350 kilometers, the A and B-class cars will be purely electric, which can basically be popularized. Fourth, the standardization of power lithium-ion batteries should be standardized with the same specifications as fasteners. In addition to simple unit, module, and size standardization, the implementation of standard voltage and inertial size standards is implemented at the standardization level of specifications, just like screws and other standard parts. This is beneficial to the standardization of production equipment, realization of intelligence, cost reduction, and saving social resources. The standardization of power lithium battery specifications is more straightforward for the development of new cars. V. Power Lithium Battery Companies Want to Alliance with Complete Vehicles The current bottleneck of electric vehicles is still power lithium batteries. Vehicle companies are obliged to support domestic battery factories, and battery companies must actively form alliances with complete vehicles. This kind of alliance is an alliance of practical significance. It is an alliance that can compete with foreign companies. Opening up to the outside world is a matter of time. The upper and lower companies of the power lithium battery must also join together to form an industrial cluster. In recent years, my country's new energy automobile industry has developed rapidly, and it has become one of my country's leading industries in the world. my country's power lithium battery companies must deal with the four key issues of consistency, safety, automation and heat dissipation in manufacturing. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous post: What issues should be paid attention to in lithium battery processing technology
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