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What are the problems encountered in the use of lithium battery packs for electric vehicles?

by:Vglory      2021-05-10
1. Lithium battery packs cannot be charged. Lithium battery packs of electric vehicles cannot be charged during charging. The reasons can be divided into the following reasons: the charger is connected reversely or the charger is faulty; the protection of the protection board is not restored or the protection board is faulty; The external circuit of the consumer is disconnected. In order to solve the above problems, search in order: whether the charger is connected reversely, whether the positive and negative plugs of the battery pack are connected reversely; re-enable the electrical appliance to release the protection board protection, and measure whether the protection board MOS tube has a driving voltage; find the wiring connection Is it loose or disconnected? 2. Lithium battery packs cannot be discharged. Lithium battery packs for electric vehicles cannot be discharged normally. There are several reasons: low voltage of lithium battery pack, protection board protection or controller protection; protection board or controller damage; discharge positive and negative poles reversed ; The line is disconnected or the switch is not turned on. To solve the above defects, you can take charge of the lithium battery pack, find the protection board or the connection of the circuit. 3. The lithium battery pack is not fully charged. During the recycling process of the lithium battery pack for electric vehicles, the charging stops before the overall cut-off voltage of the lithium battery pack. This situation is due to the inconsistency or capacity of the single string of lithium battery packs. The first full charge or full charge of the lithium battery pack is protected by the protection board, so that the battery of other strings is not fully charged and the charging process is stopped. In this case, the equalization charger can be used to recharge the lithium battery pack to keep the voltage of each string consistent. If the capacity difference is large, it is necessary to replace the battery with the large difference. But the most important thing is that the battery cells must be tested and matched to the capacity before packaging, otherwise it will be troublesome to re-disassemble a single string out of date. 4. Short endurance time. The lithium battery pack of electric vehicles is discharged quickly when used. The reasons for this situation are: the battery is not fully charged; the voltage capacity of a single string varies greatly; the battery pack is short-circuited or the lithium battery pack is self-contained. The large discharge causes the battery pack to be consumed as soon as it is fully charged. In view of the above defects, the lithium battery pack can be recharged or replaced with bad batteries to solve it. 5. Inconsistent voltage of lithium battery packs. Lithium battery packs for electric vehicles are composed of multiple batteries in series and in parallel. The consistency of the batteries is very high. Although the lithium battery processing manufacturers have done the pairing of batteries, However, in the course of long-term use of lithium battery packs, the voltage of each string of batteries will be inconsistent due to battery errors, resulting in a decrease in the energy output to the entire set of battery packs, and then sudden power failures and sudden reductions in stroke during use. , The problem of unsatisfied charging and incomplete charging. 6. Ambient temperature Lithium battery packs have very high requirements for the use environment. Too high or too low temperature will enhance the self-discharge rate of lithium batteries, especially high temperature will greatly reduce the service life of the battery. Disclaimer: Some pictures and content of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous: What are the ways to extend the service life of lead-acid batteries
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