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What are the mobile emergency storage box brand?

by:Vglory      2020-08-16
Mobile emergency storage box is a safe, small, portable, stability, environmental protection energy storage system. Has been widely applied to various fields, such as: outdoor office, outdoor photography, outdoor construction, standby power supply, emergency power for fire rescue, disaster relief, auto start charging, digital and mobile power supply, etc. Then, the domestic popular mobile emergency storage box brand have? The brand is live times of shenzhen electronic technology co. , LTD. , brands, products according to the battery capacity is divided into 100 w mobile emergency storage box, 200 w mobile emergency storage box, 300 w mobile emergency storage box, 400 w mobile emergency storage box, 500 w mobile emergency storage tank, and is the most comprehensive brand on the market, prices are ranged from several hundred to two thousand. Digititan adventurer authors could not find the brand's officer, temporarily not sure whether to fujian nanping digititan battery co. , LTD. , its products, the brand has a mobile emergency storage tank, the price of more than two thousand. Electric pediatric author also didn't find the brand's website, but there are taobao shop, there are two models, respectively is 100 w a price several hundred and 400 w a priced at more than two thousand. Here, the author suggested by buying demand must find normal manufacturer, can provide the relevant product patent certificate and import and export inspection certificate, do not covet is cheap, after all, electronic products processing is bad will happen explosion risk. Want to know more information please refer to the working principle of portable power station
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