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What are the methods to activate Ni-MH rechargeable batteries?

by:Vglory      2021-05-12
How to activate Ni-MH rechargeable batteries? Lithium batteries are to be activated, but this is what lithium battery manufacturers have to do, not what users have to do. There are two types of Ni-MH battery activation: one is the activation of the new battery capacity, and the other is the activation of the old battery when the internal resistance is removed. 1. High voltage cannot be used to activate the Ni-MH rechargeable battery, because the protection voltage of its protection board has upper and lower limits. High voltage will burn the MOS tube on the protection board. The activation of the lithium battery requires the positive and negative of the charger. The poles directly charge the positive and negative poles of the battery. When the voltage rises to the offline voltage of the protection board, the protection board will work normally and charge and discharge normally. 2. The purpose of activating old and new nickel-metal hydride batteries is different. Therefore, the short-circuit test must not be used to activate new batteries. The capacity of the old Ni-MH battery will decrease after a long time of use. At the same time, the effective output of the capacity is affected by the oxide layer on the internal electrode, which increases the internal resistance of the battery. The decrease in capacity is irreversible, so reducing the internal resistance of the battery is The key to activating the old nickel-hydrogen battery, otherwise, the old nickel-hydrogen battery will be more and more unable to adapt to high-current electrical appliances. 3. The self-discharge of the Ni-MH battery is relatively large, and the power will be gradually lost during the long-term transit, which will reduce the battery activity and enter the dormant state. If you do not perform several full charge and discharge, because of the memory effect of the Ni-MH battery, the output capacity It is not up to the nominal capacity. In terms of specific methods, it is usually performed three times of full charge and discharge. Among them, the charge mode is preferably 0.1C. This is because when the battery is not activated and the charge is low, high current charging will cause damage to the electrodes. Disclaimer: Some pictures and contents of articles published on this site are from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please contact to delete. Previous article: What are the reasons for UPS battery expansion?
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