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What are the implications of electric vehicle battery discharge current?

by:Vglory      2020-09-18
Electric vehicle battery with discharge current commonly decide the size of the electric vehicle battery work time and life, usually 1. 5 tons of electric motor car, driving current in a 40 - A around 60, more than the current value, affect battery efficiency, load cases, keep working current in a - 80 120 a, too much lead to battery life and a shorter time, excessive loss of electricity is the disadvantages of lead-acid battery electric cars. Battery discharge output affected by the size of the discharge current, voltage and capacity for the same fully charged battery, at the same temperature and different ratio of discharge current, discharge its output voltage amplitude is very big difference, according to the needs of different use the designed output curve of the battery will have difference, starting to use the general design work of the battery in low range, mostly C5, the current changes in the relation with its output capacity, electric car batteries is generally low discharge, load power range of randomness is very big, because of the high magnification is given priority to with passivation inside the battery reaction, makes the high magnification of severe nonlinear output capacity.
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